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  1. Dear community,


    We already made a start for our H64 this summer. We've had many suggestions for charities, all very good ones, but we have narrowed it down to 4 of the most common.

    Now it is time for the final vote!


    The four charities you can choose from are:







    Please vote at this poll: https://strawpoll.com/r61c6ps8


    We will hope to see you all at the start of H64 this summer in 2018.


    Many greetings from the H64 committee

  2. Haulage64 is back :D


  3. I wish everyone a good weekend :D and that you may have fun :D

  4. game crash on the D-C road is over. As I understand it, it was because of a player with a mod that made other people crashed that where near... thanks admins for solving it this fast. well done :D

    1. svarttoffel
    2. bokker12


      no problems mate :D


  5. there is a Crash going on the D-C road... Care full Drive diffrent !!!!!!!! (why it is NO one knows yet (I think))

  6. I wish everyone a good Egg Hunt if you will participate this evening :D.

    I cant attend to be there cause my parents are 30 years in mariage and we have a dinner with everyone :D.


    Good luck this evening and have fun everybody :D 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bokker12


      thank you crazy :D

      and to bad to hear :(

    3. Pillow


      Nah not really, I'm happy they are divorced. You can ask me for the reasons in a PM somewhere, because I'm not going to post that on the forum where everybody can see it xD

    4. bokker12


      no I can imagine that ;) ...


  7. a other deep thought:


  8. As I told you, I am putting a other "deep thought" ... Ill hope you like them :D



    1. DerAmpelmann


      One ticket back to childhood, please. :unsure: Back to the time when the biggest responsibility was to clean your toys off the floor.

      Stressed out pretty much sums this up, btw.

    2. bokker12


      true, I think a lot of my childhood, where we could build tree houses without getting a fine for it, or that the tree is cut out cause it is to dangerous :'( ...
      I would have the same, one ticket back to childhood ;):D

  9. here a other "deep" thought.



  10. watching @Bonnm at Twitch



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    2. Racyen


      too late, he´s offline now

    3. bokker12


      yup... when i posted it he was online, after that his game crashed and went offline :P

    4. Racyen


      He Post it everytime by Himself when he goes online ;)

  11. from today I will try to post some deep thoughts on this forum, Ill hope you like them.



  12. thanks for following the scottish lad :D

  13. thanks for the follow mate :D i will follow you to :D

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