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  1. Maybe you are right.But in my opinion those reckless drivers perfer C-D than other area.When you trucking in the ITA/FR,you can hardly meet another players.Beside,when some trolls block our convey team lead us cant move,I really want my report to be high priorty.Everybody who may involved just report and let the admin deal.Otherwise we can only wait,horn,record or even insult...That's no avail! I use record to report now but I hope the in game report system can seek a better pattern,because not everybody are able to record and upload to an effective website.
  2. I suppose the report system will be more effective if TMP can delete "The player has been report by other player."If mutiple players report a target at the same time,that target must have some problem. And IGA's report system list can order those player who have been reported from high report rate to low.Just like when you see a video on youtube you can set "Top commets"or "Newest first". I'm not sure whether diffcult to chnage the report sysytem like I said,but I think it will be worth.
  3. 这么搞确实是个创新,但是没改过的看不到没嘛用啊?甚至对于繁体用户都看不见简体用户的文字。问号不能识别的情况也有些麻烦。国人用YY比较多,我觉得还是语音方便些。
  4. Random Road-Events in Truckers MP=Trouble On Road...Let me show u what happened I just meet...So i prefer remove those AI...
  5. I only have 18 pages of report,but I have been BANNED for report too frequently...Just keep away from the C-D road,you can drive safely.What's more,trucking is for fun,I perfer give another chance to the players who violate the rules not intentional
  6. 好的好的,我们友情互赞,哈哈
  7. 我点了一下,刷新了一下,发现是真的 楼主咱们可以来一波商业互夸2333 就是传说中的互赞
  8. 我觉得也可以试试更换网络或者科学上网···也许你网不稳定。
  9. 有点意思,已关注。希望可以及时更新。
  10. Are u Chinese?Nice Chinese lol.We communicate in some Chinese BBS and some Chinese chat software.If you know "WeChat"or"QQ",you will know what I said.
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  12. -TianJinBus-[CHN]

  13. I think report him is unnecessary.In my opinion,that player didn't do anything wrong.
  14. -TianJinBus-[CHN]

  15. -TianJinBus-[CHN]

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