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  1. Version Released

    Uninstall the old mod and reinstall this. Then start TruckersMp and click on update.. I did that and then it worked like charm
  2. Version Released

    Is the size of setup only 666Kb.. That is what it says in 7z.
  3. Version Released

    Even when i took a normal load it kicked med when i had Schwarzmüller active , since i disable it it works like a charm , sot is not true about to have Schwarzmüller active and not get kicked , have 2 films there i get kicked. And i get kicked when i took second job and that was extarna contract.
  4. Version Released

    Second time i get kicked and same message and reason. Is not MIGHTY GRIFFEN allowed or what since it was before. And allways then i take a second job and not on my first job.. FIX that ffs
  5. Version Released

    No i dont have that at all
  6. Version Released

    What did that i was kicked , i use mighty grffin only and got kicked
  7. has been released.

    Can´t connect on Ets2 Euro1 .. ATS on Euro1 connect at once
  8. Ramming

    I got rammed by this nuthead and i recorded it. Server:EU:1Date:30/1/2015Time: 01:02 amPlace:BratislavaPerpetrator(s): Kton26103Steam URL or Steamid64: 76561198208252380Description:Rammed me without any reason after he came out from servicestation Video/Picture:
  9. 0.1.1 R3 Alpha

    I get invalid email or password then i try to login.. no problems at all on forum to join with my email or password.. What can be wrong..
  10. 0.1.1 R3 Alpha

    have the same here also . have try everthing but no luck at all