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  1. Can you add to the multiplayer are not that fashion?

  2. Hello dears! Prompt, whether there will be new trucks, for example as Volvo vln 670 and so on? Will they continue to expand the map?

  3. [TDOO]OttO Released

    Just click countine and the wintermod is active..
  4. [TDOO]OttO

    Version Released

    Uninstall the old mod and reinstall this. Then start TruckersMp and click on update.. I did that and then it worked like charm
  5. [TDOO]OttO

    Version Released

    Is the size of setup only 666Kb.. That is what it says in 7z.
  6. [TDOO]OttO

    Version Released

    Even when i took a normal load it kicked med when i had Schwarzmüller active , since i disable it it works like a charm , sot is not true about to have Schwarzmüller active and not get kicked , have 2 films there i get kicked. And i get kicked when i took second job and that was extarna contract.
  7. [TDOO]OttO

    Version Released

    Second time i get kicked and same message and reason. Is not MIGHTY GRIFFEN allowed or what since it was before. And allways then i take a second job and not on my first job.. FIX that ffs
  8. [TDOO]OttO

    Version Released

    No i dont have that at all
  9. [TDOO]OttO

    Version Released

    What did that i was kicked , i use mighty grffin only and got kicked
  10. [TDOO]OttO has been released.

    Can´t connect on Ets2 Euro1 .. ATS on Euro1 connect at once
  11. [TDOO]OttO

    0.1.1 R3 Alpha

    I get invalid email or password then i try to login.. no problems at all on forum to join with my email or password.. What can be wrong..
  12. [TDOO]OttO

    0.1.1 R3 Alpha

    have the same here also . have try everthing but no luck at all