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  1. I guess this also helps. A list of ProMods compatible Maps and which priority order they appearantely have to be. https://www.promods.net/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=14523#p140986
  2. Thank you, @RayRay5, that would be awesome. Wolf
  3. Do you know that from personal experience or just that its known ? And in which order I would need to have these with priorities. Plus, using that many maps at the same time, is that really major impact on the game performance than just using for example ProMods only. Cheers Wolf
  4. You guys know good maps that work with the ProMods map ? Like in combination. I know there are some that only work for themselves and dont "like" other maps there as well. I am looking for something rather that can help expand ProMods map even more. Wolf
  5. Thx @Dr_Dog I guess there is no easier way of sorting, right ? Because I noticed when you got plenty of mods, sorting stuff one by one with the increasing or decreasing per item can be a pain in the ***. Wolfseye
  6. Thank you @RayRay5, its nice to see someone not misunderstanding something without getting hives. Ok, so I get that order. Where do map mods fall into that order ? On the bottom ? Cheers Wolf
  7. I did NOT saying that my question was to put Mods into MP (preconceptions are the easiest, arent they), because I havent even posted it in the Multiplayer Section, so please, lets not make a drama out of it. Considering all that, you should have guessed my question was a more general nature, but ok. I guess i cant simply ask something here. @ADMIN/MODS: You are free to delete my account. Guess I will ask questions on other Websites then. Wolf
  8. As I am still somewhat new, I havent really understood the whole Mod priority thing yet. Could someone please explain that to me, how Mods must be sorted, under which theme they actually should be sorted. I would really appreciate the info. Cheers Wolf
  9. Dont get me wrong, I love driving Games like GTA 5 etc and all sorts of fun racing games (not usually the Simulator kinda guy), but what I would have preferred would be if they would have given out the Server files so everyone can make their own Server, either with their friends of public if thats what someone wants. I am not a big fan of region servers. I might take a look, but for now, the relaxing part for me is still with the Single Player. Might change in time, we'll see. Thanks. Wolf
  10. Thank you very much, guys, for all your help. As it turns out, it was simply a case of setting all to default and setting the axxises again manually. Sometimes things can be so easy. However, still FFB doesnt work as good in ATS with this Steering Wheel as it does on ETS2. Which is strange, and also sad, because I really prefer ATS. Strange, considering its technically the newer Game, yet it seems not so good working as ETS2. Which also seem to play much more. I tried Multiplayer once, but as shown in most Videos on Youtube, and please dont take that personally to anyone here, too many drivers just behave like idiots and make the enjoyment a very short one. Plus, without AI traffic (although them often also being a pain in the ***), i find it somewhat less appealing. If that would be different, who knows, i might be interested more. Plus, not sure if a Multiplayer is a good idea, when the original Game is a simulator. It mostly makes a racing Game out of the original, hence how many people drive in Multiplayer, and that just kills the attraction for me. But I will keep my eye on the Multiplayer. Cheers Wolf P.S: Please forgive me if I went a bit OT....
  11. You mean like if you click on the Pedals in Logitech Software and have that setting to use both pedals ? No, I havent.
  12. Could you maybe put a screenshot of the ATS profile on Logitech Software ?
  13. Hmm, tried that, didnt change anything. When I accelerate with the gas pedal, its going forward. As soon as I let it go, its immediate stop. Break pedal does nothing when I press it, its kinda automatically breaking when I dont press any pedal. Damn it.
  14. Ok, here is the settings. Unfortunately I cant upload both because of some very low filesize limit. Have to add the other in another post. Sry. Well, is it looks I cant even add another picture in a new post. Damn it. Ok, try the second pic here.
  15. After I installed it, the Software found some of my Games, including ATS, and added a profile. Are you saying I am supposed to remove that profile or uninstall the Software ? Because the latter wouldnt make sense, since that issue is only with ATS and not other Games. Which is the strange part. But every help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Wolf
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