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  1. Already did this, it doesn't work as I stated in my original post.
  2. I've tried two solutions to no avail. First was sfc /scannow and launching the game with DirectX 64 bit version in Steam which did nothing. But yesterday after putting" -homedir C:\Users\xxx\Documents\ETS2MP" to the launcher shortcut my game ran fine without crashing for the entirety of my gameplay. However today it crashed again giving a fatal error although I didn't change anything. I'm lost on what to do. Is there command line in Steam that I could enter to force the game to always run in x64 DirectX mode? Why it keeps crashing? Here is the crashlog; http://pastebin.com/u62i9QsB
  3. Did all of those to the word, still getting fatal error. What can I do to solve it?
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