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  1. To add further incentive and to help in the growth of VTCs, i believe renting out Billboards throughout the map is an excellent idea. 1st** It would help promoting VTC within TMP and it's community 2nd** It would add a realism to the world map 3rd** It would help bring in revenue to TMP, there for help in the cost of run the servers and adding improvements and future development. I have be saying this for years in my streams and believe this should be prioritized
  2. I am not sure about max speeds, I believe the arcade server you can max out, but maybe remove the slow down areas, or at least remove all slow downs on all the main highways on ATS
  3. Hello, I would like to express my upmost gratitude to the ATS Community for showing their support for a fellow member of OTR Trucking Co. We held a Memory Convoy in the remembrance of Rexarith, which was an ATS, TMP fan but also a Twitch Streamer. Rex as we called him, passed late Aug 2021 and the news came as a shock to all of us in OTR. We held the Memory Convoy Saturday the 9th, 2021 on the US Sim Server. The convoy started in Seattle and finished in San Diego. We commenced the convoy at 8:00 PM EST to an overwhelming support of 85 to 95 drivers from a wide range of VTCs. OTR Trucking Co. as well as form Rex's family & friends would like to thank all those that paid respect to one of our very own. Rexarith R.I.P. Aug 2021
  4. I remember 2 to 3 years ago the trolls only used pilot cars but now you have to watch out for those bobtails, they keep you on your toes
  5. ATS for me, only because that is the part of the world I am from.
  6. I'm a part of a VTC and it is fun as He#$
  7. Billboard Space For the financing and the continuing support of TMP Mod, I suggest giving all Virtual Trucking Companies the option to rent Billboards space for advertisement. Such rental space can help support TMP servers and assure a continuing interest to play the Multiplayer version of the game. VTCs would be giving the option to select the cities and locations and a price range depending on the amount of billboards they wish to rent. Example: 1 city 3 Billboard $5.00 a month, 2 city 6 billboards $7.00 a month, etc.... The reason for this is so TMP has the financial support needed to keep the servers running and implement future things and the ability for any VTC to promote their company.
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