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  1. ATS for me, only because that is the part of the world I am from.
  2. I'm a part of a VTC and it is fun as He#$
  3. Yes Yes, the company hopping is a strange thing. I believe most of the time, drivers just do not not try to fit in. A VTC is created for the purpose of having fun and getting to know new people. There are lots of people that do have anxiety and do not feel comfortable with others. Now there are those that just join VTCs to get free stuff like mods, DLCs and so forth. REMEMBER that positivity is a key factor in finding the right VTC, so if you find yourself hopping around, are you a positive person or are you negative and can't find the right people to click with. *** Shout Out from
  4. We once again have to wait for TMP to update, I will remain positive and hope it will be a shorter downtime than 1.37. I can't wait to convoy through Idaho.
  5. Who is ready for what SCS is going to bring for 2020. So far they have announced some game updates and a new DLC. What are you most looking forward to???
  6. The answer should be simple, a place where you feel comfortable, maybe it be a great community that just wants to have fun or a group of competitive drivers that use a logging app. There are so many VTCs on EST2, ATS or both. Know what you want and you will find the right VTC. If you wish for the best, well... just look for my VTC.
  7. Billboard Space For the financing and the continuing support of TMP Mod, I suggest giving all Virtual Trucking Companies the option to rent Billboards space for advertisement. Such rental space can help support TMP servers and assure a continuing interest to play the Multiplayer version of the game. VTCs would be giving the option to select the cities and locations and a price range depending on the amount of billboards they wish to rent. Example: 1 city 3 Billboard $5.00 a month, 2 city 6 billboards $7.00 a month, etc.... The reason for this is so T
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