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  1. Problem fixed itself somehow... No idea how. Can join any server now.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I did exactly what you said, ran cmd as administrator and executed that code fine. After restart, problem is still there I just fresh installed Steam, TruckersMP and ETS2 on my second computer, connected to different network via mobile usb tethering, even with fresh install problem is still the same! I think there is something bugged on my account, because I get same problems on different computer with fresh install, with different network. Yesterday I was driving fine on ETS2MP, no idea why I can't login today
  3. You wrote exactly what I tried to fix my problem, as I write in first message. Sadly these do not work
  4. Thanks for the reply, I tried all solutions on that thread, no luck sadly :(
  5. Hello everyone. Yesterday I logged out from ETS2MP perfectly fine; unfortunately this morning I got this error when I tried to login ETS2MP: Things I tried to solve this problem: Completely reinstalled both ETS2 and TruckersMP, also deleting leftovers at Documents/ETS2MP and /Euro Truck Simulator 2 and programdata/TruckersMP Gave permission on Windows Firewall Trying to login with VPN Disabling antivirus Visual C++ and .net framework already installed Account creditentials are correct, account is not banned, Account Status: Activated Launching with DirectX 11, OpenGL, DirectX 9 (all 64-bit) Game version is correct Flushed DNS, Changed DNS to Cloudflare, then tried Google. DHCP enabled as always. Checking integrity of the game Restarted modem several times, changed to Cloudflare DNS on modem interface. Changed date&clock to wrong one purposefully, then corrected back. Tethered internet via USB from my mobile phone, even with VPN still same. No issues with drivers. TruckersMP always running as admin. Modem Brand: Huawei, Model: HG253s Any help would be appreciated.
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