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  1. Who can remove my ban. Fastly

    Hello, On your profile it says you were banned on request. Please double check at: https://truckersmp.com/appeals if you can appeal it or not. If you cannot, submit a feedback or contact the support about it. Kind Regards, Martin.
  2. Connection Refused, You are banned.

    Please be patient, there are a lot of support tickets and the team is trying their best to answer all of them as soon as possible. Kind Regards, Martin.
  3. Connection Refused, You are banned.

    Hello, I'd recommend contacting the support and submitting a ticket related to your issue. You can do so at the following link: https://support.truckersmp.com Kind Regards, Martin.
  4. Unsupported game version

    Hello, Please check out the topic below: Kind Regards, Martin
  5. why do people have custom lights

    Hello, Please check out the following topics: Kind Regards, Martin.

    Hello, You need to be registered for over an year on the forums to be a Veteran Driver, 2 years for Veteran Driver II and 3 years for Veteran Driver III. Kind Regards, Martin.

    Hello, The requirements for a Game Moderator are posted whenever there is a new recruitment session. You could take a look at previous posts about GM Recruitment to see what the requirements would most likely be in the future. The applications could open at anytime, we are unaware of when that would happen. Kind Regards, Martin.
  8. Camp with the Kings!

    Yet another quality event, hype!
  9. Hello

    Hello, Sorry to disappoint you but that is not possible. TMP has its own modifications whereas they're currently on the servers that are available to everyone. Custom servers with the default addons (by TMP) are made for certain special events (charities, etc.). To play with you friends, you'd have to hop on the same server and meet up on a certain place. Kind Regards, Martin.
  10. Forum phone app?

    Hello Bradley, As I am aware there isn't any certain app aside of your browser whereas you could access the forums. Sorry to disappoint you but that's the current state of things. Kind Regards, Martin.
  11. ETS2

    Hello, Unfortunately TMP does not work on 32-bit Windows, you'd have to upgrade to a 64-bit one to be able to play! Kind Regards, Martin.
  12. How to join Discord

    Hello, TMP has its own Discord! To join it, you'd need to head over to your profile page at: https://truckersmp.com/profile, then head over to the Settings tab and at the bottom, you should see the integrated Discord Widget! Kind Regards, Martin.
  13. My Car in ETS AND ATS Have speed problems

    Hello, I've seen issues like yours before, as shown in the topics above. I'd recommend to try resetting your game controls, afterwards disabling the speed limiter if you haven't already; then you should try switching over to manual shifting and see if that would resolve the issue mentioned. Kind Regards, Martin.
  14. Is there an allowed mod for open window sound?

    Sorry to disappoint you mate, but it wouldn't work in multiplayer no matter what you try. TMP has its own addons, which are added onto the game upon the Add-on's Team decisions. I hope this would help out to resolve your certain request. Kind Regards, Martin.
  15. Ho-ho! Congratulations! ^.^