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  1. Problem with WOT Event

    So I have done Tier 1 and Tier 2 in both of the games and haven't received them ingame or gotten them on steam
  2. Ingame Ranks??

    Suggestion Name: Ingame Ranks Suggestion Description: Add ingame ranks, as in through TruckersMP you get a rank and get a certain amount of positive or negative points. Negative points get given when you crash, spin out, jack knife, abandon, etc. Positive points for delivering a load within a certain amount of damage in between 0-10 if more than 10 you get no points. And like every time you get points you go toward a rank up ingame and it gets displayed next to your name. Or just add forum ranks ingame. Any example images: No :/ Why should it be added?: Because it will help people and admins see if this person has a bad record or good record on ETS2MP/ATSMP Thanks for reading!
  3. So today on the Calais-Duisburg road before all the traffic I was hauling the Rex Tex Crane to Rotterdam and was overtaken by a car and I had to shift down back to 5th. With the new heavy haul DLC it's very hard for us heavy haulers to speed up, it's a lot harder for us to speed up than regular trucks. I recommend adding a rule where you can't overtake heavy haulers since it might force us to slow down a lot and it will be hard to get out speed back.

    Hey guys! So I've just bought ETS2 Windows Flags DLC and Force of Nature Paint Job DLC, and I was in both singleplayer and multiplayer and could not find my Window Flags, it has been installed, and the box is checked.