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  1. Personally I just like the challenge of driving down it, and seeing some of the many incidents that occur
  2. Hmm, looks very interesting. Fingers crossed we'll see it in multiplayer. Hopefully it won't cause major issues, however I'm just imagining the Calais to Duisburg road with this DLC...
  3. I'm slightly late but I've only just realised a new update came out! An absolutely amazing job done yet again, the ghosting feature is without a doubt extremely helpful, especially if you spawn into a traffic jam. @[FSE] Samtell I'd recommend redownloading the launcher/reinstall and see if that works. If not I'm sure a thread in support will generate more help!
  4. It'd be nice, however it's all about finding a good model, and permission to use it etc
  5. A few simple fixes I have found. Of course this may or may not work for you however hopefully they will! -Have steam open, out of child mode etc -Run it (ETS 2), before closing it -Run Truckers MP as admin -Launch ETS2 MP via the launcher. Does base ETS2 launch correctly?
  6. Mainly for the community! I haven't been here for a good two, three months. Yet I return and all of a sudden, Europort is peaceful, and this road Calais to Duesberg ( sorry if spelling is bad ) is the new europort, if not worse? Why has all of a sudden traffic movement changed? I just find it quite bemusing!
  7. Generally you have to use your knowledge here! Personally I would advise not overtaking, mainly as there is a High risk of collision depending where you are, and the road being single lane! Furthermore, sometimes just waiting 10 or so minutes to get down this road is worth it, instead of risking a ban! But if its a straight strech, and the person is going very slow for a reason, use your brain and consider whether its safe or not! Overall I would say its risky. Having a collision is likely going to equal a ban/kick.
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