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  1. Mr. Khan

    Araba ile servere bağlanmak

    Profilinde oluşan sorun nedir? Detay verir misin biraz?
  2. Mr. Khan

    Araba ile servere bağlanmak

    Eu3 yada Eu 1 sunucusuna bağlanmaya çalıştıysanız kick yemiş olamnız normal Sadece Eu2 de Skoda aracına izin veriliyor.
  3. Mr. Khan

    Araba ile servere bağlanmak

    oyunu kapatıp tekrar çalıştırıp servere tır ile bağlandıktan sonra bir çekici galerisinden skoda alırsan bir sorun çıkmaz
  4. This is a good idea. When ping reaches a certain number, I think that it will be a very necessary thing for these players to fall into the ghost mode throwing +1
  5. Mr. Khan

    Event Team

    Waiting Impatiently
  6. Mr. Khan

    How to tell if a mod is allowed in TruckersMP

    I am interested in modes. I needed to have this information. Thank you.
  7. Mr. Khan

    About Skoda for beginners

    in fact, the starting guides can be set as the first things to bring to the players who are registered for the first time in the game and forum. that is, when a person with a new record enters the forum for the first time, they will be able to meet the guides and these players will actually solve all the remaining questions.
  8. Mr. Khan

    (UI) More visible and configurable UI for chat

    it looks really nice. I think it might be nice if it is added to the game
  9. Mr. Khan

    Visual Trailer-Joint on Scout Car

    It looks so beautiful. a very good idea. provides a perfect look for realism
  10. Mr. Khan

    Game Glitches to Desktop Before Connecting

    @Total EDM resolved subject
  11. Mr. Khan

    Should they add in another car?

    you have a point
  12. Mr. Khan

    Should they add in another car?

    they can have a time for the experiment. it can be updated for test runs over a period of time to find out what happens when cars are added, and if the game is balanced, it stays the same, but if the trolls increase, the previous update can be returned. a separate test server can be opened for this. it might be nice, but my idea is not to add a new car
  13. Mr. Khan

    Should they add in another car?

    truck simulator game maybe it could be like this. know, when cars are added, the number of trolls will increase. cars can be added, but the players can use the players over a certain number of hours or use veteran drivers