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  1. cid3000

    Road to Simulation

    Hi, could you do something with those personal cars? Or it seems normal for you to ride a car called Euro truck simulator in a personal car and even in MP where idiots are driving so much !!!! !! You want to do simulation servers and do not want personal cars with which idiots ride and deliberately break into you just to take you off !!!! During the week it is about the fourth time they took me like that and I'm starting to have enough, you will cancel it what was introduced and it worked. Did you keep it on full chaře.K What do you have reports there when nobody responds to them ????? !!!!! You should ask the community what they want and how it would be the best and no Doing it your way, realize that without a community, your MP is totally destroyed, you do it with a distinctive local derby.
  2. cid3000

    American Truck simulator

    No tobě to aspon jde,ale já to nemohu ani stáhnout :-(
  3. cid3000

    American Truck simulator

    Ahoj nejde mi stáhnout instalátor,naskočí mi tam už druhý den,že stránka je v údržbě.je chyba u nich a nebo u mě'?