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  1. Hey. Thanks for your suggestion. Due to the "new" sound engine FMOD, we removed all of our volume settings and sliders. The volume of the police car siren can be adjusted via the game's truck effects volume slider. //Rejected
  2. Generating jobs for owned trailers is not supported at the moment. But following the overwhelming number of requests, we will definitely look into it!
  3. Luna

    What's this? 👀

    I believe it is clear now what this feature is all about. :peek: Check it out: Thanks for your guesses! We've hidden another sneak peak in the video
  4. Luna

    What's this? 👀

    So, we've been working on something new. Any idea what this could be about?
  5. Hey, the problem is indeed something we've given a low priority for now. We've tried multiple things to make the caravan more stable such as adding an invisible axle etc. As far as I understand what our Add-On Management has told me, the game physics have a problem with such trailers with only one axle. Recently, SCS Software changed the path of the caravan model which caused the game to crash whenever someone tried to open the trailer mod dealership. We decided to use this opportunity to remove the caravan temporarily until we find a proper fix. Maybe use a different trailer or create our own caravan trailer. We don't know yet. However, this does not have a high priority and it is unlikely you'll see the caravan coming back this year. We want to finish other projects first
  6. The Alternating Vehicles are converted AI cars and the models often lack quality. They also don't come with a custom interior. 'Static' content like the Scout car requires a lot of work and maintenance. We can't do this every month. However, we are working on something new. For buses, we need to see because I also don't just want to bring buses without any functionality. Services like DBus World offer a more or less advanced bus route system.
  7. Hey, TruckersMP has a VTC system that allows everyone to create cool pages, manage drivers, and post news posts. If we were to support job logging and have global statistics etc., would you prefer this over services like SpedV and/or Trucksbook?
  8. We would love to include buses and similar vehicles more often but there are not that many working AI buses in the game and we don't want to keep the same vehicle for months - they're alternating. However, we know that many of you fancy buses; stay tuned! You can find a list of most ETS2 AI vehicles here by the way: https://truck-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2_Vehicles
  9. With the release of 1.41 for both games, all accessories and paintjobs are included in the base game files and are therefore accessible even for people who don't own the DLCs. Instead of replacing the accessories or not showing them at all, DLC content is now visible to all players. /Moved to Done
  10. Double and triple trailers have been banned from Kirkenes quarry road. This affects any trailers with more than one trailer part. The feature will be pushed tonight. You can read more here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/1303 //Accepted & done
  11. [Game Moderation Trainee] @LetiFreshi wurde zum Report Moderator befördert. [Report Moderator] @WhiteTiger_TMP wurde zum Game Moderator befördert. [Spieler*in] @Der Joey tritt dem Game Moderation Team als Trainee bei.
  12. The forum software was updated earlier today and this "old" rank system was replaced with an entirely new one. We need to discuss how we want to use it and make sure everything is working before we release it. Thanks for your patience!
  13. Hubs.

    So excited good luck!

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