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  1. Hey, Thanks for your suggestion. You can easily click on the "TruckersMP profile" button and see the TruckersMP ID. There is no need for an additional field on the profile just for a number barely anyone would need to use. Thanks for your understanding. //Rejected
  2. This has been implemented! ♥
  3. Thanks for your contribution!
  4. We usually do not accept guides to third party tools like trucky.events. However, this topic is of interest for the community and therefore, this topic has been approved. Thanks for your contribution.
  5. Hey, We have discussed this internally and with some VTC leaders before. We will not make the entire ban history public but the total ban count and active ban count is visible to the recruiters (just click on the info button next to the player's name in the application). You can even set a maximum of active bans requirement. Privacy matters to us. Thanks for your understanding, Lasse //Rejected
  6. /Moved to Website Suggestions
  7. Hey, This is possible using the external tool https://ets2map.com/ . Just select yourself you are done! This might be added to the website in the future. Regards, Lasse
  8. /Moved to Game Suggestions
  9. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. Apologies for the delay. Some suggestions got lost for some reason. This will not be implemented. Such functions can be buggy and will lead to abuse. Furthermore, we would need to add it to more areas (or just everywhere where people park). Thanks for your understanding, Lasse
  10. From a simulation point of view, a higher speed limit for cars would be better because cars have different speed limits in real life as well. However, the physics of the car ingame is way different from cars in real life. We did our best to improve the physics and steering behavior. ETS2 and ATS are truck simulators and there are some things we can't change. The game does not have a way to determine whether you are driving a car or a truck (for the game, the car is a truck). We can't just change steering behavior etc. As you might know, you easily loose control over the car when breaking or driving very fast. In real life, this effect is not that intense. This fact makes it impossible for us to raise or remove the speed limit for cars. We don't want any more accidents. I hope this is understandable.
  11. Hello there, This Guide is similar to an article in our Knowledge Base system. For this reason, there would be no reason to keep this topic in this section. /Moved to Archive
  12. Archived. New activity warnings will be posted in the thread.
  13. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. A fix for this economy bug has already been implemented. Such a feature is not needed anymore. Regards, Lasse //Rejected
  14. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. A similar feature has already been implemented. You can activate it in the TAB settings. Regards, Lasse //Rejected
  15. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. This has already been implemented over the past years. Regards, Lasse //Rejected
  16. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. /report was removed for a good reason and replaced with a more detailed and easier way to report players. We will not add /report back. Regards, Lasse //Rejected
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