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  1. Today, I met some stalker in Duisburg ( @Olioak :kappa:)




    Hope to see everyone else here once on the road!


    Have a nice Monday <3

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    2. JB2783


      Duisburg or Calais :thinking:

      in Duisburg there is not such a parking lot ;)

    3. Princess Lulu

      Princess Lulu

      Russian skoda :P

    4. Emirhan  kurt 29
  2. Lasse

    Are you ready?

    Hmm what’s this? Watch out for news regarding an upcoming event! Start your engine and join us very soon. It is time to speculate! What are your thoughts?
  3. Lasse

    Gamescom 2018

    Ich bin Freitag und Samstag da! Ich hoffe wir sehen uns alle!
  4. Hello there, I am happy to approve your VTC post. Good luck with your VTC! Kind Regards, Lasse
  5. Lasse

    Global Legacy Freight Applications are OPEN

    This post has not been active for more then 1 more month! The last reply was more then 1 month ago. To abide with the Terms & Conditions of the companies section, this post will now be moved to the archive! If you would like to get this post un-archived and returned to active, please DM myself or another CM! //Moved to archive!
  6. Lasse

    Late Autumn Mod

    Hello there, Rejected due to multiple reasons, 1. Inactivity 2. We had problems with the winter mod last winter. Maybe it is not the best idea to add more modifications again 3. Basically the "Add mod XYZ" part of our FAQ: Thanks for your understanding, Lasse
  7. Lasse

    Winter Mod UpDate

    Hello there, Rejected as there is no EU1 anymore. Furthermore, we tried winter mod (incl. optional physics) last winter. Maybe physics will come back this year Kind Regards, Lasse
  8. Lasse

    Separate server setting for disabling speed limit

    Hello there, I am sorry for the late reply. With our "Road to Simulation" update we have added our Arcade servers. There is no speed limit at all. I will archive this suggestion because it hasn't been accepted or rejected. Happy Trucking!
  9. Lasse

    Become a verified member

    Hello K-Sprint, Thank you for submitting a suggestion. I do not think this feature is really useful for our forum. What would a verification badge offer? Furthermore, our Community Moderation Team would need to review all these verification requests. I hope you can understand my points. Kind Regards, Lasse
  10. Lasse

    Introduce yourself section

    This suggestion has been opened for discussion.
  11. Lasse

    Neues VTC-System

    Vielen Dank! Ich hoffe euch allen gefällt unser neues System. Viel Spaß noch
  12. Lasse

    How to increase the delivery time

    Thank you for your contribution! I hope it will be helping people with this bug. Happy trucking!
  13. Lasse

    0 camera and teleportation, forbidden???

    Hello there, It is allowed to use dev cam (0 camera). But teleportation has been disabled. Happy Trucking!
  14. Lasse

    TreeHouse Logistics VTC

    Hello there, I will approve your post. Would you mind telling us a bit more in the post about your VTC and not the Radio Station? Thanks in advance. Happy Trucking!
  15. Hello there, Thank you for submitting your VTC post. I am glad to accept it! Happy Trucking!
  16. Hello Truckers, The save editing section has been used to ask if a specific type of edit is allowed or not. After our "Road to Simulation" update our save-editing rules are much easier. This section has been archived. If you are unsure about an edit after reading our rules you can submit a feedback ticket to Game Management (https://truckersmp.com/feedback). We try to answer you as soon as possible. Please note that it may take a while. Happy Trucking! Lasse
  17. The "Lumen Mark II" roof lights are not being synced between players. Player 1 (Truck): Player 2: (Other player) We are aware of this bug and hope it to be fixed soon. If you noticed other bugs please let us know via our support system: https://truckersmp.com/support Kind Regards, Lasse
  18. Lasse

    Add administrator

    Hello, Thank you for bringing up your suggestion. However, you have failed following our suggestion format and did not correct it. Furthermore, we have Chinese Game Moderators as far as I know. And you are always allowed to report people ingame or on our website Kind Regards, Lasse //Rejected
  19. Lasse

    Changes to the bans system

    Hello there, I am sorry for the delay! Unfortunately, I will reject this suggestion as your special case has been discussed already in your feedback ticket and the way of dealing with bans has been changed / is currently changing. Kind Regards and Happy Trucking, Lasse
  20. Lasse

    Allow double trailers all EU on Europe4 server

    Hello there, Thank you for discussing this suggestion! As of today, you can use doubles anywhere on our arcade servers as well as on our simulation servers. There is no restricted zone anymore. Happy Trucking, Lasse
  21. Lasse

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    Hello there, With our "Road to Simulation" Change today you can drive on our Arcade servers without any speed limiter as well as without collision. Therefore I will archive this suggestion because "EU4" does not exist anymore. I would like to thank everybody who participated in this discussion. Happy Trucking, Lasse
  22. Lasse

    New double trailer use in restricted zone

    Hello there, As of today, you can use doubles everywhere in ETS2. The restricted zone was removed. Kind Regards, Lasse
  23. Lasse

    Best sites to use for keeping evidence available

    Hey, Thank you for your contribution!