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      Game versions updated - It's time to downgrade!   08/16/17

      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!

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  1. Speed limit on Scout cars?

    I am not sure if it would be right, because it is unfair for cars. Trucks sometimes are so stupid too. So -1 from me.
  2. Money Transfer To Other Player

    That wound only work when the developers are creating Ann own economy system. But yes +1. that’s a great idea. (Follow the right format next time )
  3. Server Config Changes

    That are good news! I will join tomorrow.
  4. Playertag

    -1 I think it is at the moment okay. Sometimes I see users who have names which you cannot read and thats not the idea. But I am not in a VTC at the moment. Maybe I cant say how bad it is.
  5. Three word story making...

    on the road
  6. Ahhhhhh! I love to see more of the Bella Italia DLC! Cannot wait! Who wants to get that too?

    1. Alex [ITA]
    2. stilldre1976


      Cant wait to cruise the sites of Italy :D

  7. [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    Looks very beautiful! Cannot wait until release!
  8. v2.2.1 Website Release

    I like that new feedback system, but I would prefer it when you write something above the form. Maybe some people don't know what to do there. And then you get always feedback about bans
  9. Staff Convoy 13.08.2017

    Hope that I am able to watch the stream! Like to see staff members on the road.... I will record the stream and report you
  10. Editing the TMP ID in web reports

    Yes. It is a good idea, but I think it isn’t possible to implement that because the reports are based on the TMPID (I think). So the report will be deleted and get a new number. And what will happen if a admin claim the report? I think it isn’t technically possible or it is very hard to create that feature. But: +1 from me.
  11. Time to BAN cars

    ^ Good answer! And I fully agree. I would be not happy if EU1 would get cars.
  12. Lights

    I normally follow all traffic rules expect the speed limit. But sometimes in Rotterdam or in Brüssel I ran a red light because there is busy traffic behind me and it would not help if I stop at the red light.
  13. Time to BAN cars

    I am using cars for control convoys or for taking pictures of the landscape. And I am sure that more then 1% of the car drivers are really good drivers (like me ;D). But I can understand you. When I am driving truck there are always stupid car drivers, but also stupid truck drivers. So, I do not think that it would be good to ban cars.
  14. Welche LKWS fahrt ihr? (ETS2)

    Ich liebe meinen Scania Streamline Highline! Matte weiße Lackierung + wenig extra Zubehör! In der Kabine habe ich ein paar Accessoires aber auch keinen Schrotthaufen.
  15. Smalltalk

    10x^ Der Meinung zum Wintermod bin ich auch, allerdings läuft der Wintermod auf alten PCs schlecht. Ich selber habe kein Problem damit, aber ein Freund von mir ist damit ganz schön schlecht dran