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  1. I hardly play ATS but I do like the areas around Las Vegas from what I can remember
  2. Thanks for the follow! ❤️

  3. I rarely play the base map so I wouldn't be able to provide much of an opinion. However, on Promods my favourite area to drive in is the UK. I would say that the small A roads in Scotland or Wales are my favourite trips. I also quite like the small road that cuts through Hawes
  4. Since you used that profile on 1.37 it will now not be compatible with 1.36. However, you can always load a previous auto save for 1.36 - although if you can't seem to locate your profile that won't be possible. I would first look to see if your profile still exists by going to this folder location : Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Profiles If your profile is not there, you will unfortunately have to create a new profile. I would suggest creating it on 1.36 and then only upgrading to 1.37 when TMP upgrades, if you're wanting to play TMP that is. Another option would be downloading a profile (there are many available to download with a quick google search) and these profiles will likely come with a lot of money and pre-discovered garages. I've never heard of someones profile just disappearing so I hope this helps
  5. ¡Me gustan estas fotos! El Scania S es un gran vehículo.
  6. I'm a little late to the thread. I disagree with the idea of removing speed limiters due to the fact if people want to play with less speed restrictions then they can simply play on the servers made for that purpose (as I'm sure people have mentioned above). Furthermore, HGV's in real life (at least from my knowledge of the UK industry, I don't know about the situation internationally) are all limited to somewhere on the lines of 56 MpH or 90 km/h. I think with this in mind it is important for the idea of simulation that these speed limits stay enforced. Not only just to stop ramming or any other offences, because they can still happen regardless of limits - but for the sake of realism which most people play on Sim1 for. I see where people are coming from when suggesting they should be removed, but all I can say to that is just to play on the servers without the limiters on. ETS2 is a realistic simulator and personally I think it should stay that way on the correct servers {This is my personal opinion}
  7. @Miss_WarHorze Yeah no I fully understand your eagerness for the update and I'm certain you wouldn't show any disrespect But if we give them time then we are likely to get a new release with little to no bugs! I too am waiting patiently for the update, it's only a matter of time.
  8. I think I'd like to see some smaller, but realistic updates - maybe that lead up to a much bigger update in 1.40 and further. Mainly I'd like to see some more default ownable trailers and more accessories for trucks and trailers alike. It would also be nice to see some rework on the base map, but I doubt this will happen soon due to focus on ATS and other map DLCS for ETS2 also. Overall, I think anything that improves gameplay is something I'd like to see
  9. Thanks for the follow! 🚚😍

  10. I like the new update honestly. I experienced FMOD on ATS and I'm quite excited to experience it on ETS2 as soon as possible. I think 1.37 will set up for many cool updates in the future. I'm particularly excited to just be able to put my window down, I feel like that will lead to a more interactive truck in future updates. Overall, I think the update is a good step in the right direction and things can only improve. I think it has lived up to my expectations. In the next few updates I'd like to see some new owned-trailers as well as some more accessories. I think the current accessories such as lights and wheels etc are limited and could be improved. Maybe a DLC could even help this, I'd be one to buy it. I think that's mainly down to my SP Modded profile in which I have an excess of Hella lights available to me. All in all, looking forward to where SCS take the game next!
  11. It seems that you believe admins can only police in their car. In actual fact, they are using the dev camera to over view and watch the roads. It is not really a necessity for them to drive up and down congested roads all the time when they can be doing it in a much quicker way via the report system. So, as they both deal with reports and keep an eye on traffic in the congested areas, they will have very little time to RP as a police patrol car. Maybe in the less busy servers they'll have a greater opportunity to actually drive in the patrol car. I don't think there's an excessive 'need' for a traffic patrol team as long as people report people the correct way. I mean, yes it does decrease numbers but TMP grows daily so it hardly loses players. The playercount rarely differs apart from at specific times too. I do like the RP aspect of the idea though, I just don't think it is very practical. In-Game Moderators have enough work as is. Plus it is another workload for HR and GM Trainers to have to initiate a whole new division of players just to drive through congested areas and potentially make things worse there.
  12. It's because there's so much traffic there. That way people can experience traffic and have fun doing it I guess. However, it can cause some major issues. I've only ever been down there once and I never will again
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