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  1. Did everyone have a good week? Exam prep is ruining me xd

  2. I've played with Promods on single-player for over a year and most of it I have spent in the western areas (mainly in the UK and western edges of Europe) and I love it. I especially like the roads in Wales and Scotland where they are quite realistic yet not super challenging. Overall, every place in Promods is worth a visit!
  3. Evening people, how are we all?

  4. ~ Miller Transport Group ~ Quick Introduction: The Miller Transport Group is a multiplayer division of the well-established single player VTC Miller Transport. As a single player company we have been open for over a year and we will have been open for two in April 2020. We have developed alot and the management team itself has strived for a sense of realism and professionalism whilst aoviding becoming a very serious VTC. We are very laid-back and are always ready for a laugh and we hope to bring this to our multiplayer divison. Requirements: Must be at least 15 years old. Must have a legal copy of ETS2. Must have a good sense of humour. Have a discord account. Be active on Discord. Contact Information: Facebook TruckersMP VTC Page Youtube
  5. Hey, I was just wondering what are useful posts. Are they the number in the green box on my profile ? If so what is the best way to raise them. As I am extremley interested in joining the TruckersMP Staff Team at some point and would love some support on how to get my useful posts higher. Thanks, Owen_Miller
  6. Hey everyone. How are we all ?

  7. I agree with most people about the size of the ats map it isnt as developed as it could be in the amount of time its been out. ETS 2 is alot more developed since ETS1 and due to their being 2 games based on ets people play ets more. Also I think that due to the constant updates and dlc releases and activity ETS has it is a lot more enjoyable to its player base.
  8. Hey everyone. Hows every ones day been ? 

  9. Owen_Miller


    Hey there, If you have joined a VTC it is up to you to leave or up to the owners of your current VTC to kick you out. If you would like to leave I would suggest messaging the owner and letting him know and leave on good terms not to cause any issues with VTC's etc. But make sure to let them know and not cause issues between two vtc's.
  10. Hey all :) Hows everyone's day been ? Whats everyone up to. Personally I'm making skins for my VTC's singleplayer department. 

  11. -1 We have World OF Trucks which gives the ability for friends to get the same trailers we also have Virtual Speditor which gives us trailers of our choice. But +1 due to the fact it'll make it easier to distinguish convoy participants and also it gives a higher chance of getting the same trailer. So I am in the middle with this suggestion
  12. First try to restart using alt f4 or quitting the game. Then try re linking your ets through the launcher. If it does not work after the re linking of the directory try re downloading truckersmp as a whole there could be a corrupt file in your download.
  13. Yeh you can paint trailers like you have done and use them within the game. Just don't change the trailer itself so the colour is fine but don't change the trailer contents in anyway.
  14. Loved the real ops today. Had to leave earlier one but yeh. Anyone else agree lol ?

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