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  1. Everyone makes mistakes at least you did not get banned I never got kicked only for afk You just have to be in the look out and ride safe and you should not get kicked it was a kick so you should be fine
  2. I love TruckersFM because people recommend the songs and it’s just smooth and nice.
  3. I sometimes play racing games or something like that. Cough Cough Forza Motersport 7.
  4. I have key maps on my G27 shifter
  5. I do Truckers FM or just go on Spotify or just download music and put it in the music folder and listen to them on there.
  6. There is a lot of factors to make a VTC vanish or just die. It can be how the Founders don't really care about it no more. Sometimes it can be that people just stop playing on it anymore. School can be another factor to add in or if the company does not advertise their VTC at all.
  7. My name is Cool5740, I am trying to look for a good VTC that is in my range of standers Need to be well maintained Need to be friendly Will accept my age as of 14 Need to be active I am very mature and I am a very calm and collective sort of dude. I am very young but has been trucking on ETS 2 since 2013 when I got a computer. I really need a vtc so if you can give me a link of one that would help me out thanks
  8. There is a problem that I keep pressing play Ats and steam keep asking permission for run and when I press yes allow it starts then ask again and again...
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