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  1. KrazyMudkip's post in Server connection has been broken. was marked as the answer   
    Your internet may have a period of "blackout" while on the servers, and to prevent other users issues, you get kicked off soon as that connection drops.
    My advice is make sure you don't have any Network Heavy programs running in the background, and if all is well, Your ISP may be the problem.
  2. KrazyMudkip's post in mods in mp? was marked as the answer   
    No mods ever will be allowed on Multiplayer, 
    Unless mods are developed by MP Devs
    Such like the Scout Car
    But no,
    no mods.
  3. KrazyMudkip's post in Game not activating was marked as the answer   
    You need atleast 2 hours for the game to be activated
  4. KrazyMudkip's post in Dual Monitor in Euro truck Multiplayer was marked as the answer   
    Use AMD Eyefinity or NVIDA Surround for multiple monitors.
    (I don't recommend only having 2 monitors, as whatever is in the middle of your monitor, you can't see)
  5. KrazyMudkip's post in After report a player ? was marked as the answer   
    Hey BigJoe!
    As a In-Game Administrator I believe I can explain this in a better way, as it is what I deal with.
    Once you report a player in the game, It will then be sent to the In-Game Admin team on whom job it is to remain order on the TruckersMP Servers
    The Admin will then teleport to the reported player, and analyze the situation, If he/she deems the player is in breach of the TruckersMP Server Rules, The player will be immediately banned from all TruckersMP Servers until the ban has either expired, or a ban appeal accepted.
    Hope this answered your question
  6. KrazyMudkip's post in Sorry I want ban appeal instead of my friend was marked as the answer   
    Use this to post a ban appeal
  7. KrazyMudkip's post in semitrailer stability was marked as the answer   
    I'm really finding it hard to see the issue here.
    As said by the others above me, Those sort of things are there for realism purposes.
    They can be turned off in Options --> Gameplay if you really don't want them.
    Moved & Closed to Solved 
  8. KrazyMudkip's post in I can´t connect for months! was marked as the answer   
    Please come onto teamspeak and contact support.
    We will be able to assist you further
    Moved to unsolved.
  9. KrazyMudkip's post in Free camera control was marked as the answer   
    I've always had to switch to keyboard only for using dev cam ( I use mouse steering ) 
    So yeah.. You will have to switch to keyboard only when you wish to dev cam.
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