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  1. Why is childish behavior, did a week to ten days?

    Art director, Be Well, you're not God, shame

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      Again be patience. You just created the appeal. Admins are not 24/7 online



  2. Dear respected manager, I have to come here begging you with this age I could I play? When do you handle?

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    2. Mamaloo


      An hour to walk the path, healthy, comply with the rules, a person falls into me apart anymore, please, where is, it is not clear, to swear to the Midi, please find nasty .. not ridiculous?

    3. Mamaloo


      We are Muslims, we have something called fairness, God, is a good thing. Play the way you do not, it does not matter 33 years old, I was forced, this director no, I do not beg general manager. I am an Iranian. A Aryans, now lifelong Ben now, sir.

    4. videogamer


      Locked as people have suggested creating a ban appeal or contacting feedback.

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