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  1. @nitrodax777 it might work but, because how paint jobs work in the game, it'll look a bit funky on your screen. The paint jobs are basically pictures that follow a template that the truck uses, every truck has a different template which is why they don' share the same skins. You can try but I doubt it will come out the way you want it too.
  2. @LordBenji oh so that is why the "t_wheel" is the whole wheel, rims, and nuts! I always wondered why they just didn't have it as each individual accessory.
  3. @LordBenji what do you mean by "old" trucl wheels? are you referring to the "Standard" Rims
  4. @LordBenji do you know if the paintable rims are part of the wheel tuning DLC?
  5. @caff!!! yeah that is what I thought but do you know if it is possible in single player?
  6. @LordBenji Is it possible to change the wheel on the trailers as well as the rimes? If so how? Is it legal within TruckersMP Guidelines (I understand they are illegal for doubles)? I would like to put some chrome on my trailer to match up with my truck.
  7. @LordBenjiAnd how would you switch between the various trailers?
  8. @LordBenji You say that you have 10 different trailers in one save how would you do that accomplish that as well as switch between them? My game crashed when I tried to accept a new job with the "Jobless" Trailer (as expected)
  9. Thank you so much! at first it crashed because I used {} instead of []. Isn't programming just wonderful!?
  10. Okay so you mentioned that it is possible to have "jobless" trailers. How would you accomplish this? Great explanation BTW
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