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  1. Hello @sportdex This is a good Idea, but i would Like to have the Countdown self, the Driver the are is in Ghost Mode can See His time left too, that would be usefull. Kind regards, Julian German RSL Human Resources.
  2. Hello @Somehow Lucky, I would even celebrate it, but I would celebrate it even more if Calais city were to be enlarged again or like Duisburg would be awesome. King regards, Julian German RSL Human Resources/ Patron Master Trucker
  3. Hello, @Mr Teddy @Papa Koelschi In one respect, I am also in favor of it being allowed again, but I am averse to trolling and the sometimes very tight curves and would no longer be in favor of it because I think that the flow of traffic will be moderately to severely impaired. My opinion on the subject, thank you for your understanding. King regards, Julian German RSL Driver/ Patron Master Trucker
  4. Hello, I can't say if it can be fixed, but you don't have to restart, you just have to change profile then you can change server or reconnect. Kind regards, Julian German RSL Driver since May 2023
  5. hello, i agree with you, but in some situations it is sometimes better if cars drive faster, in convoys it would be better. But given the location on C-D Road, it doesn't make sense to increase the speed on the simulation servers for cars. King Regards, Julian German RSL Driver/ Patron Master Trucker
  6. Do you have check ETS2 of faulty data and on Truckersmp Launcher, I've had the same problem once too. But since the new version of the Truckersmp version it been fixed.
  7. @Jason_Stephen Good Job, its wonderful, I get goosebumps. I love it
  8. I have to agree with the opinion of @The Englishman, since in my view both are sufficient, but the option, as can be clearly seen in your picture, that there is a gas station on each side of the road is at least better than now because then only in one direction can drive on it and it will already and noticeably relieve less traffic jams in front of it and generally less refueling trucks on one side.
  9. It would really be a relief if there was a gas station on each side, as this causes the most traffic jams on the side where you have to turn left to the gas station, which means that this part of the route can be relieved
  10. multiplayer and convoy list / event list on one page. Good extension
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