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  1. Hei und Herzlich Willkommen in unserer Stellenanzeige (: Wir sind auf der Suche nach aktiven Fahrern! Was wir bieten: Keinen Online Zwang Eine wachsende, hilfsbereite und aktive Community Zugang zur Fahrtenaufzeichnungssoftware SpedV Hilfe & Support zu sämtlichen Fragen bezüglich Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator sowie SpedV und natürlich eine Menge Spaß Voraussetzungen sind: 17 Jahre oder älter Nutzung des Kommunikationstool Discord (nur Textchat) zivilisiertes Auftreten und gutes Benehmen im Spiel als auch auf unserem Discord keine schwerwiegenden Strafen bei TruckersMP (in Einzelfällen sind Ausnahmen möglich) Wir freuen uns auf Eure Bewerbungen! Schaut gern auch auf unserer Homepage vorbei: http://gcl.at.ua/ Hoffentlich bis bald Eure German Cargo Logistics i.A. Viviana
  2. Hallo @toysrusdeathsquad, you may also try teleporting to Service (this will cause the game to set the freight market time forward) to generate new jobs. The problem is that the game (or especially the freight market job generation) does not react simultaneously to the changed time of the server. You need to force the game to sync the freight market. Once you did that, you will see that your drivers earned some money while you have been offline and you got new jobs. The problem is not about having no jobs, you just don‘t see them as they are all expired (around 70 hours valid from last online, the server time proceeds while your game is offline). When you login, the time syncs and is set e.g. 120 hours later, and all jobs are „expired“ so you can‘t accept them. Doing a sync as described above (sleeping, F7 + Enter, aborting current job, or fast traveling between two garages that are far away from each other) will solve that. Try also to set the fatigue to Yes, note that the time is much slower than single player so it will take much longer to fill the meter. Hope that helped a bit and cleared it up Regards Emiliya
  3. Hello Franco07, it is also possible to activate the mod from the login screen. Point the settings icon on the top left and use the same way as described above. You don't need to wait until you are connected to a server to activate the mod Regards Emiliya
  4. Hello tonyleechicken1, you can choose between two graphic settings of the game at the moment. The stock game and the wintermod - both are supported. The winter mod does not change the textures alone, it also changes the length of the day and the total brightness. You may have a look on twitch or youtube for some examples. However, if you use the winter mod, even though it's daytime and the stock game would be perfectly okay, the brightness with wintermod is not that good that you can see others very well if they are a bit far away. So at the moment, it is better to use headlights at whatever time of the day The warning is new implemented to prevent trollers from ghosting, what happened quite a lot, especially with the winter mod. So please, even though it may not be necessary for you, care for others and use your lights when driving in MP. Have a safe drive! Regards Emiliya
  5. Hello Rowdy_001, if I get you right you refer to the player ranking? So the more skill points you achieve the better your rating is? That is based on XP, better said on the skill points you get with each level-up until level 36. The maximum to reach is 10. Regards Emiliya
  6. I like the idea basically, but as already said, you can use the tools that are already there. Other tools, like SpedV or others, do show where your friends are, too. That my be an option for you.
  7. Heii @Longhaul444 Do you own a car on that profile? I don't know if this issue still exists, but if you play in MP with the car, save, quit MP, load SP (you might have done that for testing), the save crashed. Also, you might try remove your profile from the document folder of ATS, create a new one to check if it is an issue with the profile and associated saves or with the game itself. Regards Emiliya
  8. Heii @TheOneFreeMan, as ATS is not that popular to players like ets2 is, there is almost never an admin who could actually help you in that case, especially at that time of the day. I know what you think about your situation, if they recorded and reported you with that evidence, there is not a big chance that the report is declined. You may appeal your ban on the website with your point of view. Dependent on what kind of evidence they brought up, you might have a chance. For the next time, just press f7 + enter, disconnect and wait a bit to reconnect again and, probably the most important: record evidence yourself that you can use in your appeal. Hoping the best for you :3 Regards Emiliya
  9. Heii out there, just asked the search function if mistaken bans can be deleted / hidden, it said it can be hidden. How long does this process take? Anything the user has to do for that? Thanks in advance :3
  10. Hello first of all again, thank all of you so much for your answers. My computer is quite old, it just keeps up with the game on lowest settings, it won't be able to record the actual gameplay, sorry for that. So the best way is to report via tab. I will try to do that in the next case. Again thank you! Emiliya
  11. Hello, I am pretty new in Euro Truck Sim 2 and espeacially in multiplayer. So don't blame me for that question if there is an obvious answer. After a few hours of gameplay I have noticed several trucks that seem to have more power than mine. So if I stopped somewhere because the road is blocked (e.g. Calais - Duisburg), some other truck rushed on my trailer and just went on while all other trucks (including me) flew through the air and getting huge damage, sometimes unable to go further without teleporting to service. Is there something I can do to resolve this? Or is this some kind of fail within the mod? It does not appear often, but sometimes. It seems like the driver knows it and just goes on "on purpose". I'm sorry if you can't follow me or if this question was asked prior to my post. Have a nice day truckers! Emiliya
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