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  1. If this helps anyone: Hello, I have made two threads about this and I have tried everything that people have said and it is still not letting me log in. What happens is when I chose a server I want to play on and then press login, I have to wait around 20-30 minutes for me being able to choose my profile. Then I press "drive" and then it says this "https://gyazo.com/947e391ef245d3c31f644115251ce181"
  2. No, non of the things which have been said have resolved my issue.
  3. Yep already done that. Read the past post everyth8ng is on and yes i have restarted and no i dont start it with admin and directx?
  4. Hello, so, i had made a post about this and it still doesnt work the post was Non of the things said worked so please can someone help me.
  5. Hello, So first of all, every time I press login my game freezes for at least 20 minutes and then I click on my profile and such. Then I press drive and it doesn't allow me to connect it says something like invalid session please restart. How can I fix this as I played yesterday and everything was fine but today I can't.
  6. THe issue is my wheel as I can join normally with my keyboard.
  7. Hello, Everytime, I I try and connect in multiplayer it won't let me. I am not 100% why I can't join but I will tell you what happens. First my wheel: I have a defender wheel. Sometimes I join without the wheel and it works fine but I bought the wheel for a reason and that is the play it on ETS2. Connecting: I will login fine but when I choose my profile my screen will freeze for 1-2 mins. Bad game: I always save the game when I play in singleplayer as that is the only way of me playing ETS2. So, everytime I try to join in multiplayer it says "Game error" I am not sure why it says this as I have no mods installed. When that happens I click the newest autosave and then the screen loads and get's to the end and that is when the game crashes. Cheers ~MineWoodTurtle Ps. Everything works fine in singleplayer apart from my screen does freeze for 1-2mis when choosing a profile.
  8. Hello, Everytime I try to join ets2 multiplayer with my wheel connected it says this program is not responding but when I don't have my wheel connected it works. When I connect and then plugin my wheel nothing happens. Also, everything works fine on single player.
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