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  1. And back to the start of the week again.. Monday. 

    I'd like to take this time to wish you all a good week and i hope that you're staying safe!!

    I hope to see you on the roads soon!



  2. Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well!! Hopefully going to see you lot at the event tomorrow which you can find on the front page of our website :)) 



  3. Nice guide, thank you! #happytrucking
  4. smackywacky_


    Hello, Just come across this post, there was testing in 1.37 today by our developers. Hopefully it will be released tomorrow but there are no promises #happytrucking
  5. Hey there, As many people have said above me, it's usually a kind gesture to say hello to fellow drivers as they pass by, i use it to let drivers out or to say hello if my horn button is too far away aha. #happytrucking
  6. Hello there, I don't personally understand why you would need a distance like that other than if you're a game moderator with the need for this or if you're in single player teleporting yourself around. If there are 100+ people then you're going to experience some issues with the camera render distance. Hope this helps #happytrucking
  7. Hey there, Thanks for bringing this up. Unfortunately there is no set date for release, all we can can to you and the rest of our player base is that it will be ready when it's ready. Sorry i can't give you that much info; however, i hope this helps in some way.
  8. Hey there, I personally like watching these videos just to see what happens and also see other peoples enconters. As Beenz said above me, i don't agree with the titals of the videos. #happytrucking
  9. Hey there, Personally i like the new update but there are a few things such as a few of the trucks engine sounds that i don't like; one of these would be the Iveco. #happytrucking
  10. Hey there, i like your thinking but this would be too much of a useless asset to the game, we could just simply just remove the fact of players attempting to ram others, removing the speed limiter is just going to be carnage. it would be too hard to monitor players that are constantly ramming as not all users report on the website and in-game reports tend to time out
  11. It's purely due to your computer specs, your game may be running slower therefore other players with higher end computers will have the FPS advantage over you. To rectify this you could always try turning your graphics down and this should help
  12. The update for 1.37 will be available shortly, there is no time frame set at the moment so it could be days or even weeks we just don't know. I personally recommend that you don't update your game and just wait until we officially support it.
  13. Congrats all, i hope you enjoyed the event!! - HAPPY TRUCKING!
  14. Hey there, You are not permitted to block roads if you're having a convoy on one of our public servers; however, if you qualify for having one of our events servers then you can block the highway's or other roads at your will. Blocking roads on the public servers will simply leave you with a punishment from the 'Game Moderation Team'. I hope this helps
  15. Hey there, I have had a play around with the new beta and i think that it's fairly good; with a few fixes it will become a good update. The Fmod needs a lot of work being one of the key points I've found
  16. First quality photo I've managed to take



  17. I quite like the Italy area to be totally honest with you due to the scenery in that area
  18. Simulation 1 is usually one of the busiest servers therefore players that don't want to be around loads of players maybe due to low end PC's they will go to other servers such as our Sim 2 or Arcade which is quieter. - Hope this helps
  19. Really nice drive last night with @RB1988 and a few others (Photo credit to RB1988)



    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      The picture taken by RB is very good,beautiful picture!:love::wub:

  20. Really nice addition - I'm looking forward to using it later
  21. Hey there, I would class myself as a fast driver but also a safe driver; if i feel the need to follow the speed limits for example in highly populated areas then i will do as required
  22. Hey there, James in the post above this post has given a good reply, there is a forum post you can see here and also the rules in James's post above
  23. I don't have a photo of my truck; however, i use the 'SUNRISE' Paint Job with Black and white, i think it looks quite nice to be honest
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