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  1. Marso0

    Hot topic #14: Unknown regions of ETS & ATS

    As others have said, the roads between Bergen and Oslo are really nice.
  2. Which DLC is most worth buying to ETS2 on the Steam sale?

  3. Marso0

    What is your favorite trailer in ets 2

    I like all the trailers from heavy crago
  4. Marso0

    Why so few players playing ATS MP?

    IMO, ETS2 MP is just more popular , and therefore most people tend to go there if you want alot of interaction with others. Unless you have some friends playing ATS MP then it's kind of boring to go on empty roads in ATS.
  5. Marso0

    Which SERVER do you prefer?

    EU2 mostly, even if there is chaos alot of times it still feels more fun then driving on empty roads. Though when EU2 is full I prefer EU3.
  6. Marso0

    Poll About Driving Behaviour

    Maybe that's because I sometimes drive on less populated servers. And as an admin you must see ALOT of crazy stuff...
  7. Marso0

    Poll About Driving Behaviour

    ^ Some days on MP I feel like very few takes this game even remotely serious and act like "kindergarten-children" as you said and thats why I thought to make a poll. What I was curious about in the poll is to see how people here on the forums tend to drive. I'm definitely aware that there are alot of people that don't ever visit the forums, and I never expected this poll to show the in-game situation (you just have to play for some time and it will be clear), but more show the people that are more dedicated to this community/forums and their prefered driving habits.
  8. Marso0

    Poll About Driving Behaviour

    ^ Good points. I guess I should have added more alternatives
  9. Marso0

    Poll About Driving Behaviour

    ^ You have very good points and I didn't think about the fact that most trolls etc. don't use the forums Anyway thanks for the input
  10. Marso0

    Poll About Driving Behaviour

    Hi Just a small poll about your driving behaviour. Since there seems to be so many that does not care about traffic rules etc. it would be interesting to see how you guys tend to drive.