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  1. Doğum gününüz kutlu olsun ;)

  2. Sounds good! Maybe, update interface in more features.
  3. SirAugusta

    Windows 10

    Windows 10'a geçen bir çok arkadaşım var şu zamana kadar da hiç şikayet ettiklerini görmedim, aksine memnun hepsi.
  4. 1. Your In-game name when banned: NiekHD 2. Why you should be unbanned? Hi, I'm NiekHD. I would like to open my account! and the for what reason I was banned? simple! i know "because I play the game!" "i follow the rules!" This is really ridiculous.. Why..? I management the Turkish community, and make sure you know the rules better than you.. because i translated to rules turkish lang. check it http://www.ets2mptr.com/konu/ets2-mp-oyun-kurallari.1762/ I, translated ets2mp.com (home) turkish lang, the result? "BANNED!" why? "stop adding useless traffic at EP! this is really derp! Thank you for our interest. Regards! 3. Screenshot/Video (if applicable) Chat logs; [15:54:05] -=FL=- [GER]gamer20091 (402): Bäh xD[15:54:14] [LoG] -DanieL [GER] (710): hannover ja[15:54:22] [INFO] Official TS3 server - IP: ts3.ets2mp.com[15:54:22] [AD] Do you need free VTC panel for your virtual trucking company? Visit MyVTC.net![15:54:26] [Firma M&J] Trans leggix (1075): pl ?[15:55:15] [System] Player Kiko81(180) has been kicked by #UP ~ Franckypoolplayer [FR](589).[15:56:01] [System] Player littleskip12(997) has been banned by #UP ~ Franckypoolplayer [FR](589) for 2 days [15:56:22] [AD] [PL] Chcesz pos³uchaæ dobrej muzyki podczas jazdy? OdwiedŸ EuroTruckRadio.pl![15:56:36] #UP ~ Franckypoolplayer [FR] (589): NO USELESS TRAFFIC AT EP OR PUNISH !!!![15:56:38] NiekHD [ets2mptr.com] (1447): torino dont![15:56:44] Bomlife (1545): 1202 ban[15:56:48] lÇILGIN TÜRKLERl Sefa.K [29] (1123): h[15:57:16] lÇILGIN TÜRKLERl Sefa.K [29] (1123): wo[15:57:45] [System] Player lÇILGIN TÜRKLERl Sefa.K [29](1123) has been banned by #UP ~ Franckypoolplayer [FR](589) for 1 hour [15:58:10] You are banned from ETS2MP network! Length of ban: 1 hour . Admin: #UP ~ Franckypoolplayer [FR][15:58:10] Reason: stop adding useless traffic t EP