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  1. so what you suggest is that convoys have more priority then a single player who also report someone. based on the amount votes on 1 players vs reporters. this will be heavy abused and this will make no sense towards others players who report perpetrators. besides the team is using is FiFo on reports, as come first in first out.
  2. 50 more post then i have 6k post 😆

    1. 'Leo.
    2. Fast-rider


      Time for you to be much more actice and post more :kappa:

  3. The team work with FIFO system so that will defeat this propose, the oldest report must go first and not the once that are prioritized by level.
  4. is not feasible to remove the limit from the highways, the amount of time they will spend it is not worth, their time would be much appreciated on much important things. and besides the car at high speed is simply almost impossible to control it will flip easily.
  5. Thanks for following! :HaulieLove:

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      your welcome 

  6. Bug on Promods must be report on there forum. https://promods.net/viewforum.php?f=29 also be sure you use latest version of promods
  7. You can go to the Promods forum and get help there through this link https://promods.net/help.php
  8. Thank you for the follow ! ☺️

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      thank you also for the follow

  9. the main propose of such players is not following such details next to the road, but more on to get fast from A to B. I do it find actually annoying when players don't have the patience, doesn't matter if you stand before intersection or traffic light they always want to go first because they find themself so important.
  10. how does the system gonna work actually if there is crash accidentally ? and what if you go downhill and overspeed ? 30 seconds seems short imo.
  11. Fantastic news, good to see that hard work pays of in knowledge over the years that has passed. Big shoutout to the developers!! the long awaited AI and economy will come eventually.
  12. The scouts cars itself is not the problem but most likely the driver. i'm here since 2014 and before the scout it was problems with trucks also.
  13. those cars are temporary and soon having another vehicle it would not be worth to chance it at this point, it should have been raised in the beginning imo. But yeah that is a interesting fact haha
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