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  1. looks to me is still there loading 'LogIt_x64' 'C:/ProgramData/LogIt/LogIt_x64.dll search that location on your pc then delete that map too.
  2. It would be more helpful if you provide us with your game.log located in your euro truck simulator 2 map in your documents. Use pastebin for that to create a link and share it here.
  3. ^ true, supporting mods is big requested thing. it also depends on the events we will organize at that time. we will see what will happened.
  4. It has his ups and downs, of course is nice just to drive with your friends without be worrying of being rammed, trolled or blocked. But at the same time is also nice to drive on busy road in Truckersmp and stand hours in a traffic jam haha. it has all his pros and cons. Soon also hopefully wintermod and christmas are coming we will see how much it will change.
  5. Just give it a chance, you can always leave again if you don't like it, at least you try.
  6. I think you mixed up some things on what ET does, firstly the event managers do organizing things, then the event team follows up on that to make sure everything runs smoothy. The event managers will give all the info for you to need to know, so you won't get thrown into the depth, it's a team after all so you will do everything together.
  7. i bought them in a bundle with 50% off so why not is a good deal.
  8. Some ATS real ops vibes now, I'll will see if i can attend this.
  9. I agree with statement from above, but also if that was the case on how would it work this tutorial? and if they pass this test how do you know if they following the rules ? I do believe that the in-game rules is enough, you need to read it in order to accept it. it shows still that players don't follow these simple rules so what is a tutorial gonna change about it ? Yeah is nice and all to learn something what do's and don'ts is, but i can guarantee even after completing a tutorial players still getting banned. Although the idea is nice but i don't think is actually contributing anything.
  10. Driving on ATS and getting ice cream for underway.🥰





    1. .Pedro.


      Nice pic.

    2. Mr. sDev

      Mr. sDev

      Fantastic Picture! 🥂

    3. pofii


      Nice photo 🙂

  11. myself have 1600+ hours on ETS2 and 100+ hours on ATS, it also had to do with timezone i think, once we play on our time there isn't much players active on ATS servers, as the americans play they experience the same. While ETS2 is busy in our time we do seek the server with the most players online to be honest.
  12. Happy Birthday! 🎉

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      thank you so much 😄

  13. Thanks for the follow 🙂 

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      you are welcome 😃

  14. Happy birthday 🙂

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      thank you so much😀

  15. Thanks For The Follow! 🥰

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