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  1. Hello, When i take a job with double trailer in the netherlands i get kicked to sp.
  2. oke what i am trying now is : installed ets2 sp started up in direkt x 64 bit and that works without problems now. installed mp. started up and works perfect without craches. when i trying taking a ferry its blocks for a 10 minutes and then he takes the ferry when i takes the ferry back it works immediatli. The game works perfect now the problems hase been SOLVED. GRTZ
  3. oke i find it i gonna try.
  4. oke i reinstall ets 2 again and mp to and delete evreything from ets2 with revo uninstall. What i see when i want to install ets 2 thats they have install in 32 bit earlier it was in 64 bit how can i change back in 64 bit ,i install with steam they do that automaticly. My pc is windows 7 home premium 64-bit sp1. if i have install mp its 64 bit maybe its there the problem. where can i changed that steam ets 2 sp installed on 64 bit ? Grtz
  5. Oke ,how is it now : For i play multiplayer ets2 i play single player without problems but now when i start sp and when i come in the game the game blocked. I have 3 times the game reinstall but nothing helps. For multiplayer in the beginning i play mp i have many crashes then i have reinstall ets sp and mp and i have no crashes annymore in mp and its going very well but i can not take a ferry,can not going fast to a truckdealer when i trying this the game blocked to. i dont no what i have to do now. grtz.
  6. my pc is ; windows 7 home premium 64-bit intel core i7 2600 3.40 GHz 8,0 gb ram nvidea geforce gtx 750 ti normally its strong enough, i play gta v ,cod without problems. gtrz .
  7. Oke i have reinstall ets2 and tmp completally and i have no crasch anymore only i can not take a ferry then the game blocked but that have i before to.
  8. Oke ets2 sp dont work anymore in normal lauch to ,i delete the game and reinstalled what the hell is this .
  9. Okay what i have to try is this, cmd - scan as administrator sfc/scannow = result no problems he said. i have restart pc and start single player in direct x 64 bit ,when i come in the game the game blocked ,i most finisch the game with ctrl alt del. i have earlier never problems with ets2. single player. what now.
  10. Hello Fellas, Somethimes i have a long time no crasch en somethimes 4 times on 30 minutes , what can i do i always send report. grtz.
  11. where i find that, i have in institution mp - sounds - speaker device =earphone from headphone - microfoon device = microphone from headphone
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