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  1. Hi, my friend Hasse said hi

  2. #ScarredForLife :o

  3. Mind the gap between the train and the platform.

  4. Happy new year :o

    1. Puncake
    2. SprinterFS


      1 hour and 50 minutes til new year :) Happy new year to all!


    1. StuartD
    2. StuartD


      wait what it said you posted this 9 hours ago

      December 30, 2015 ok ipboard

  6. I miss Majestic trucks ;P

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    2. XD Memes

      XD Memes

      Bring em back or riot!

    3. RayRay5


      Psst. You can downgrade your game version on steam to 1.12 or what ever where Majestic is still ingame

    4. XD Memes

      XD Memes

      Nah, too much of a pain, slow internet :P

  7. Takes two days to download Assetto Corsa and its still not finished, thanks a lot bad internet....

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    2. XD Memes

      XD Memes

      Steam went down a couple times during these two days so thats to blame too xD

    3. MrHarv98
    4. XD Memes
  8. The streets were so dead today, it was like a ghost town :P

  9. Merry Christmas from Australia!

  10. Ayy imma Veteran Driver.

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    2. XD Memes

      XD Memes

      Cheers Trademark, good luck Meta and thanks McFreshi //

    3. FairladyZ


      I'll get mine in approx 2 weeks :)

    4. XD Memes

      XD Memes

      Hehe good luck with that :)

  11. http://prntscr.com/9fo5bb Anyone want to come chill with air con at mine? :P
    1. edgarinskas




    2. XD Memes

      XD Memes

      Yeah i know right...

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