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  1. Moved to solved as correct answer is given, please keep in mind that it can take some until it's fixed. Developers are working hard to fix it asap.
  2. Moved to solved as correct answer is given, please keep in mind that it can take some until it's fixed. Developers are working hard to fix it asap.
  3. Hi @ConorGamingzHD Currently ATS and ETS2 are updated but incompatible. We can't tell how long it will take until everything will work again. The developers are working to fix this as soon as possible. Please be patient
  4. Correct answer given by @oolala11 Locked and moved to solved
  5. forum game

    Banned for having ass in your name
  6. @Sparky_Sct, Sorry but I'm not the correct person to give more information about that.
  7. Hi @C?nnell Do you mean that you'd like to have a possibility to drive all cars that you can see in the singleplayer? Or do you want that these cars are added to the game, but stay AI traffic? If the second is true, please take a look at the following topic:
  8. @Sparky_Sct The TMP dev team is working hard every day, they don't need to tell everything what they do here publicly on the forums, as lots of this is confidental, or things that only are staff's businesses.
  9. It's not the case that they can just push a button so the design and visual characteristics of the car changes, it will again take a lot of time to get this implemented.
  10. I once cheated before I was in the communtiy, was in desperate of money for a nice truck, and of course some xp to unlock these traits
  11. Yup thanks a lot, I stole a FS17 code
  12. Hi @mrcolvan1 I think you get the black retangle with the green text in it.. It will probably be solved if you end the ETS2 and Steam tasks. (use task manager for this.) After that, please launch Steam and TruckersMP as administrator. Regards
  13. Ik gebruik OBS, daar kan je een "replay buffer" activeren die zogezegd heel de tijd je scherm opneemt, maar toch maar een bepaald aantal seconden opslaat (dit kan je zelf kiezen). Je bent bijvoorbeeld aan het rijden, en drukt dan op een knop als iemand je ramt, dan zal OBS 15 seconden opslaan van wat er gebeurd is van voor de crash tot je op de toets drukt. Je kan best hiervoor een tutorial op youtube opzoeken.
  14. Hi @Caus24 32 Bit isn't supported, 32 bit accounts are less than 8% of the Steam userbase, and maintaining a 3rd platform that is being superseded just doesn't make sense. You need a 64 Bit capable computer to be able to run the application. You can take a look at the following topic for more information about 32 Bit:
  15. Good luck to everyone who applies for Forum Moderator :)