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  1. AI in mp?

    Yes, indeed there's no AI.
  2. Assertion Failed :: New DAF DLC.

    Question answered. Locked & Moved to Solved
  3. Update the game

    You need to go back to where you did the downgrade, then you need to select "opt out of betas"
  4. TruckersMP Name: 25 characters only.

    @[ConSecGroup] JustinWorld Can this be moved to solved?
  5. voice chat

    You need to keep pressing X, not just tap it..
  6. Can´t start Game

    You need to opt out of all beta's if you have installed one..
  7. 1.28 update(nl)

    Was niet echt de server hoor, het was een update die gedaan moest worden. Alles lijkt nu rustig in orde te komen, natuurlijk zijn er een paar bugs.
  8. And the speed boost and all the other things are allowed also ? 

    1. smokywarfame


      No, the others that can change the game experience for other are not allowed.

    2. oolala11


      And someone will definitely report you if you use speedboost and you'll get banned so please follow the answer shown above

    3. Furrster23


      And than you probably would come on the forum going "unfair ban admin" and contact feedback.

  9. No damage mod

    No, the no damage mod is not against the rules. However, abusing it to ram others will count as hacking. // locked and moved to solved
  10. Kan je zomaar een pilot car rijden?

    Ja, je kan zomaar met een pilot car rijden + de oranje zwaailichten. De politieauto, sirene, blauwe lichten & lichten vooraan zijn enkel voor admins en hogere staff leden.
  11. Estimated review time for reports

    ^ Then make good reports
  12. Admins?

    Hello @Pokeman Players who are hacking will be banned for much longer than 2-3 days. If you would have recording software, you can report them on our website, like you probably know. I suggest you using a program like OBS Studio that can work with a replay buffer, due to this, you won't have very long recording videos and you won't need to edit the videos.
  13. Plz, help me guys

    Problem solved. // Locked & Moved to Solved
  14. Plz, help me guys

    ^ It is a button on your keyboard, for me it's in the top left corner.. Just under ESC..
  15. positive feedback on a post

    ^ I think that depends on IPB, not sure.