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  1. /Moved to Game Suggestions Rejected. Not viable to do.
  2. Rejected. We will never be able to provide a 'confirmed' time of when the report will be reviewed, though we might soon have some indication regarding the load of the web reports system.
  3. Rejected, this would require changes to the forum software, which we will not do.
  4. /Moved to Website Suggestions Accepted. Due to GDPR, we can't provide this information to users. Though, we will have some system internally to check better on this.
  5. Smoky_TMP

    TAB listing

    /Moved to Game Suggestions Accepted.
  6. We can not keep their name forever (GDPR). We will have some solution for this in the future. Rejected.
  7. Rejected. We have the first part already, second won't be done.
  8. /Moved to Game Suggestions Accepted.
  9. /Moved to Game Suggestions Accepted
  10. /Moved to Game Suggestions Accepted.
  11. /Moved to Website Suggestions Accepted
  12. /Moved to Game Suggestions Accepted.
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