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  1. Could always just switch to a different CB channel
  2. Smh self promotion sellout
  3. ya never know not as many people used to drive north either. If youre going to buy the Baltic DLC i would expect people going to the baltic area :^) And also once C-D is ruined maybe there will be a new road to congest
  4. Noone drives there because its not been released yet Noone knew if people would drive in Scandinavia and it seems they do so why wouldn't they drive in the Baltic
  5. Suggestion Name: Finally fix the softlock of being in chat amd paused at the same time Suggestion Description:Couldnt it be possible to close the chat if the game is currently paused Any example images: Why should it be added?: People dont like accidentally opening chat whilst going to a garage then have to restart the game because of the softlock
  6. Suggestion Name: better opacity for menus Suggestion Description: When you make the boxes transparent ingame things such as checkboxes and scrollers also become completely transparent along with boxes but i believe these things shouldnr become transparent and buttons such as report settings and steam profile Any example images: soon Why should it be added?: when you make the entire menu transparent its going to be pretty hard to change it back to before it was transparent as you cant really see anything
  7. Imagine how much money ETS2 and ATS has made for scs and its not even all people who play these have TruckersMP...
  8. Mod Version: Latest Controllers Used: Meh mouse Description of Issue: I cannot do jobs as it says i have a delivery pending. This happened as when you update ets2 it cancels all jobs incase it causes errors. As it has done this the game still thinks i have a job pending. Thus i cannot get new jobs. I cannot cancel it has the job managment thingy says i have no current job. Is there a way to force cancel a job with the dev console How to reproduce: Update you game whilst you have a job active Screenshots / Videos: None, pretty self explanatory
  9. When i try and go to the settings for the game, i need to go via the player list. However when i go on the player list thing, when i move my cursor it moves the player list and its been like this all day and yesterday and i could not find anything to fix this (BTW: the cursor is not on the player list, and dont be like "its because you're holding right click, ive tried everything...)
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