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  1. I was going on a road when suddenly the person in front of me started braking. Naturally, I did too, but I have brake intensity set to almost 100% and the person who was going behind me probably didn`t. They hit me, and said I was guilty. I think they should have kept distance, but who is guilty in your opinion? P.S. I don`t have video proof of this incident, unfortunately.
  2. I'm sure you know that you have to press X to speak. You need to setup you mic device. Press tab in multiplayer-settings-audio and set up the mic. Hope I helped you, kind regards Eagl
  3. The convoy was great! Going to release a time lapse of it soon! Thanks to everyone!

  4. Стримлю конвой. https://www.twitch.tv/eagl223 Заходите, ставлю музыку на выбор тех кто смотрит)

  5. When is the heavy haul server going to start?

  6. Can`t wait for the heavy haul event!

  7. @Betjon Yea, it is kinda sad. Would be cool to see the events online. But well, we have what we have.
  8. Eagl223


    I am too. Can't wait to see the horde of players in Zurich)
  9. Players can set the probability of the events. It is like rain, so balancing it for everyone would be beyond impossible.
  10. Eagl223


    By the way, the one today. Is it going to have a dedicated server or not? Oh, and are you coming @CrackPrewier ?
  11. Well, they can be added, but it would be unfair and confusing for everyone.
  12. You also need to have at least 1 point invested into fragile cargo, that's important!
  13. Hello, you can check if it's down or not with this link: https://truckersmp.com/status
  14. Eagl223

    110km/h ?

    I don't know why 150 is allowed even, since racing is not. I think 110 is very good indeed, but it's not really going to reduce the amount of crashes that much. People almost always crash at medium-small speeds, because they were braking.
  15. Fatigue simulation is still there, it's just the time In the game is different. I don't know how to explain it really
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