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  1. Wo kann ich ein Entbannungsantrag stellen? auch auf Deutsch?

    Dazu musst du auf die Seite Truckersmp.com gehen, dort findest du unter my account die Option Appeal Ban.Da klickst du drauf und wählst den aktiven Bann aus. Da der Admin der dich gebannt hat nicht deutsch ist musst du deinen Appeal auf Englisch schreiben.
  2. Better ban system

    No, I think a lot of players would get a ban although they dont do anything. Sometimes you cant avoid a collision, when someone dont give you the right of way and you crash into them, why you should get this ban ? -1 from me, I dont think thats a good idea.
  3. Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated!

  4. Appealing Not Active Bans

    Hey Andrea Vaillant, I can understand your point of view , I saw your ban proof and in my opinion it isnt a ban it looks like a lag.Same situation I had 1 year ago, I was banned for 1 day because I insulted a user but I noticed that at first one month later.So I had no chance to give a statement ( I wouldnt do that anyway because my ban was correct ).I like this idea, +1 from me.
  5. London Attacks Convoy 11.06.17

    Very nice idea, maybe I will be there !
  6. ETS2 | Spiel stürzt ab bei der Werkstatt und beim ausruhen

    Ich hatte ungefähr 80 Fahrer und habe alle raus geschmissen. Vielleicht irgendwelche Mods ? Ansonsten wüsste ich leider nicht was das Problem sein könnte :/
  7. ETS2 | Spiel stürzt ab bei der Werkstatt und beim ausruhen

    Hey LessThera, gleiches Problem hatte ich auch.Bei mir hatte ich zu viele angestellte Fahrer, wenn das bei dir der Fall sein sollte, rate ich dir diese zu entfernen.Allerdings klappt das nicht bei jeden, hab schon oft von diesen Problem gehört. Hoffe ich konnte dir irgendwie helfen
  8. Your favorite Games!

    Ets2 is my favorite game Dead by Daylight and Rocket League I play sometimes with friends but not that often like Ets Also Singleplayer games like Skyrim or The Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games ( Yes I know I have a many favorite games, but they are all too good xD )
  9. disheartened.

    Im recording everytime, in the first days I really reported everybody who ramms me or other players, but now I noticed ( im recording maybe since 2 weeks)that its too many players, I cant report every little reckless playing and 164 reports like you have is really to much ( no hate ) :/ Im also for a limit report, 20 per day is enough I think
  10. Video program

    I use GameCapture, you can find it at the Overwolf store, simple and you have not much frame drops
  11. Describe ETS2MP

    And thats the reason why I dont play with CB on I describe it as the best game I ever played, it makes still fun and the team make a good work, very often updates and new things, I like that !
  12. Casual day...

    Yes that could be the reason, I think in every game are players that dont take the game seriously.I hope it will get better because at the moment its very hard to drive a cargo without damage :/
  13. Casual day...

    I dont understand why some people do this.. I mean when they want to crash other players, why they dont play games like Need for speed or similar ?!
  14. Do you overtake slow drivers in C-D

    Sometimes, yesterday I had someone infront of me, he was driving 30 kmh/hr in a 80kmh/hr zone.... I wanted to overtake, was beside him and he pushed me from the street :/ Player which drive 60kmh/hr in a 60kmh/hr zone I do not overtake, but when someone driving that slow, like the player I mentioned, I overtake him.
  15. Game Crashes

    My game crashed too everytime when I wanted to start Ets, I hadnt the Schwarzmüller DLC, I bought it and now my game works.Maybe this is the problem ? Do you have the DLC ?