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  1. @Slakkie4x2 Game Moderator ➜ Retired Team Member (Left)
  2. @PLG. Game Moderation Trainee ➜ Report Moderator
  3. @...AdamCat Retired Team Member ➜ Game Moderation Trainee
  4. @Soul Knight Game Moderator ➜ Retired Team Member (Left)
  5. @poopingcorn Game Moderation Trainee ➜ Report Moderator
  6. @Kaday Game Moderation Trainee ➜ Player (left)
  7. JustBrankoGaming, I would like to be the moderator of this game. I have never played a game since you were there. Please, is there a specific time for this job? If you want, you can look at the link I posted. I would like you to understand that I have never played the game. you can check this link https://truckersmp.com/user/4272910 This link shows me playing games People with a recruitment ban of 0 for this job should apply for admin positions. Otherwise, people like this are confused, I don't want this to be looked at. Best regards Gencağa.Kubilay Gülçebi I love you all

  8. Do you have any certain rules in mind that you think need changing? We regularly check our rules and change them when needed, or when issues arise with the current rules. However, at this moment in-time we don't have any plans for major rule updates. Feel free to create a feedback ticket if any rules are unclear or you have any suggestion regarding the current rules.
  9. We constantly try to adjust our team towards the load on the website reports. Sometimes we have to organise a recruitment session, as we did at the start of this year but it takes some time between opening applications and when everything is finished. We need to check the applications first, then have to interview certain players and decide whether we want to offer them a spot in the team or not. After that we have to onboard them and they first need to receive a training by our Game Moderator Trainers. After they have received that training they are ready to work on the website report system, under the supervision of a Game Moderator Leader. However, there's quite some weeks between opening applications and having people ready to work on the website reports. We try to act quickly to have the amount of website reports low, but we can not act on it in a few days. At this point in time we are quite happy with the load on the website report system, as it is remaining quite steady. In September we have also made some changes to our moderation strategy (more information in this blog). We shifted our focus towards live in-game moderation, so we can handle quicker on rule violators. This means that the load on the website report system might sometimes be a bit higher, as we want to make sure that players in-game can enjoy their game experience. We have more moderators actively moderating areas in-game, and more reports are being dealt with in-game. In the near future we won't make any changes to our moderation strategy as currently we are quite happy with the way we deal with reports. However, I won't be able to tell you that we won't explore different methods and strategies in the future to further enhance our moderation strategy.
  10. @Kaday Player ➜ Game Moderation Trainee @UFFriskey Player ➜ Game Moderation Trainee
  11. @poopingcorn Player ➜ Game Moderation Trainee
  12. @Nico Event Team + Report Moderator ➜ Event Team + Game Moderator
  13. @LlGHTOFGOD Game Moderation Trainee ➜ Report Moderator
  14. @Stormboi Game Moderator ➜ Game Moderator Leader
  15. @RagtagBoss Support + Event Team ➜ Support + Game Moderation Trainee
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