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  1. Easter Egg Hunt 25th March 2018


    Dears players,

    Easter is coming up soon and TruckersMP have been tasked with delivering eggs. Unfortunately a pesky troll has stole them from our trailers, and we need your help to find them! On Sunday 25th March 2018 at 16:00 UTC you are invited to join us on a huge Easter Egg Hunt across Germany!

    Six (6) eggs will be hidden around the country, if you can find them all and are quick enough you could win one of three prizes! Here's how it will work:

    1.The Easter Egg Hunt server will open at 15:00 UTC on Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    2.Meetup at the event start in Berlin and get ready. The hunt officially starts at 16:00 UTC. Trucks only, a trailer is NOT required.

    3.You have four (4) hours from 16:00 UTC till 20:00 UTC to explore Germany and find the six eggs. They can only be found in this Event Zone: https://i.imgur.com/2PT3Lw7.png

    4.When you find an egg, take a screenshot (F12) with the PlayerView (TAB) menu open to prove you found it.

    5.To enter for the Easter Egg Hunt prize, complete our submission form with your TruckersMP ID, including evidence you found all of the eggs: https://goo.gl/forms/5P2rHzaCTZSccTWi2

    Here are the prizes up for grabs:

    Winner (1st to find all eggs) - £25* Steam Gift Card

    Runner-up (2nd to find all eggs) - £14* Steam Gift Card

    Runner-up (3rd to find all eggs) - £10* Steam Gift Card

    *Digital gift cards will automatically convert to your local currency. Prize winners will be announced after the event!

    And of course, the event will be live streamed on Twitch. Randomly selected viewers will be awarded a Steam Gift Card throughout the event.

    The 'eggs' will be represented by Scania R trucks and can be identified by their unique colour: Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, and Purple. The eggs will have red usernames and a tag to confirm.

    If you are struggling to find the eggs, every 30 minutes this News post will be updated to include a Hint on their locations.

    Happy Hunting!

    Departure: Berlin, Germany

    DLC: None

    Convoy Control: No

    Countdown: https://timeanddate.com/s/3g6b

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice but I have read it in this topic :lol:



  2. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    Hi everyone !

    As some may have noticed this evening hasn't been very quiet. We'll provide more information here about the situation. Last weekend we unfortunately had to kick a very well known and respected member in the community from our team, due to a break of our internal Information Security Policy (ISP). This policy has two important applications. The most well known is against leaks, but it also specifies how and where information we have can and cannot be used by staff members.

    After the initial kick, members from a some groups in the community started a protest against our actions, including avatars, streams and spam. These have been dealt with accordingly as was seen best at the time. Unfortunately, information regarding how it was handled was leaked and put out of context. We have tried to work with and listen to the complaints as much as possible, trying to show respect and full attention. However, it did not take long before we were no longer met with respect, and the situation escalated out of control, including members of the community groups starting to troll on our and other communities related to TruckersMP.

    It's important to note that we do not want to be in a situation like this. Having to replace an upper staff member at short notice is never beneficial, but in this case it was necessary, and it was a situation we were in.

    During this situation, there have been various accusations, such as claims that we are trying to destroy the Polish community. We are not trying to make this happen. We went into the situation set on assigning a new Polish community manager, who could continue the work with the Polish community. However, due to several Polish team members choosing to leave, and others choosing to violate the ISP in protest, we now have to evaluate whether we can still support the Polish community like we have been doing since the start of the mod, or if we will have to lower the level of support to the same as the other language-specific communities.
    We regret that we have to make this evaluation, and potentially this decision, but if we are unable to provide proper support then we are forced to do so.

    TruckersMP has a major responsibility - Not just for the mod itself, but because of the data people have entrusted us with, from email addresses, to appeals, to in game chat logs, and more. This responsibility means we have to be strict about our Information Security Policy, and that we can control where that data is. While we don't believe any user data has been leaked during this, we cannot risk a leak like that in the future.

    We as a team want to thank each and every one of you who showed respect and worked with us to try find the best possible solution, even if the solution now might end up being an unfortunate one for some of the language communities. Now we will evaluate our response to the situation that occurred after the kick, and how we can deal with it better in the future.

  3. это все расмотренные видео от админов,эти видео для канала а насчет как админу это предостовлять я сделаю легче,вроде на ютубе можно выделять время начала и конца
  4. Часто приходится ждать долго,чтобы админы просмотрели.Мне кажется активных админов мало. Админы тоже люди и у каждого своидела помимо игры.Но админов могло быть и больше
  5. а мне нравитс,на вкус и цвет товарища нет
  6. да по началу,совместные конвои,розыгрыши итд а теперь даже это уже достало
  7. смысл играть,и содержать свою компанию пропал,компанию отдал в хорошие руки,теперь катаюсь и репорты собираю
  8. Админов мало так как отбор с постомы это завал.Видео репорты проверяються через минимум неделю,активность у админов храмает
  9. а мне нравится так делать как делал в видео.А так я с тобой соглашусь надо чтото удобнее сделать чтобы время не терять во время репорта.Школьники умнее стали и сразу выходят с игры
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