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  1. On 5/22/2020 at 3:24 PM, shag67 said:

    I think this route should be limited to 90 km / h !! and you?


    They should restrict it to the in-game posted speed limit.  Let's force these kids to 60 kph and watch the rage.

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  2. 22 hours ago, Random_Truck_Driver said:

    It's been suggested and rejected. Nobody forced you to read this post or comment in here. You came on your own and get mad because someone suggests something that you don't like. 

    And the TMP team and mods have stated that they're not going to remove the speed limit.  It's been suggested and rejected.  

    I'm not mad at anyone, if anything I'm laughing at how crappy some of the arguments and logic are among the playerbase.


    22 hours ago, Random_Truck_Driver said:

    If they enable collisions in the arcade server, half of those who 'enjoy the simulation' will migrate to the arcade, and the simulation will struggle for players once again. That was the case back when EU2 was a thing and that would be the case now. And that's why i upvoted Nightblade's comment. Because i have much respect for those who played on the simulation server even when it didn't have 4k players but only 1-2k.


    Back in the day, half of you in here played on EU2 even though EU1 was the simulation server. And you constantly complained about reckless driving and trolls. And when someone suggested that you migrate on the Sim Server, you would complain about the lack of players. 

    None of you can provide a decent counter-argument apparently.  The best you seem to have is that if the arcade server had collisions, the sim server would be empty.  So? At least the sim players could enjoy the sim rather than have a bunch of entitled kids ruining it.  I loved the EU1 server back in the day and had plenty of enjoyable drives, the only time I touched EU2 was to play with friends and 9 times out of 10 I'd end up with multiple reports even if I wasn't near C-D.


    But seriously, your argument is that we can't add collisions to the arcade server because it will make the sim server empty; so you'd rather remove any sim rules and allow the arcade kids to ruin the sim server?


    22 hours ago, Random_Truck_Driver said:

    Touch the ground a bit and get off your high horse.

    Same could be said to you, mate.  You're currently arguing that the simulation inspired focus of the TMP team and their wishes shouldn't matter, because a bunch of you just want to speed or play recklessly. 



    Honestly TMP team, please add collisions to the arcade server.  I want to watch their arguments turn to smoke as most players continue to use the sim server.

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  3. 20 hours ago, Random_Truck_Driver said:

    That's what i'm saying basically. Collisions are necessary and that's why nobody is playing in the arcade server. Feel free to explain that @TheCreepyTruckr or anyone arguing that those who like to speed should drive on the arcade server.


    Look at that, I agree with you here aswell. Removing the speed limit in the simulation server will be a disaster. That's why i'm suggesting to simply add collisions in the arcade server. This way players who enjoy the simulation will not be harmed and they can keep on driving safely in their server.

    If collisions are necessary why don't you people start making posts to implement collisions in the arcade server?  Instead we have constant posts of kids and crappy drivers wanting the speed limit removed on the SIMULATION server just because they want to be able to speed around other players.  Go turn the arcade server into the cesspit that was EU2 and leave the simulation server alone for those of us that actually enjoy it.

  4. @Random_Truck_Driver Than the issue isn't the speed limit, it's that players (kids) want to race and crash.  They're perfectly fine of speeding on the Arcade server; no one does though because they can't crash into other players.  If speed was the actual complaint than the Arcade server wouldn't have a shortage of players because you'd all be there happily racing around.

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  5. 12 hours ago, Roki100 said:

    it did not really lowered amount of accidents lol, im seeing even more accidents on c-d actually

    Just because there are still accidents on C-D road doesn't mean that their frequency or severity haven't been reduced.



    12 hours ago, Roki100 said:

    ithe only thing it reduces is amount of players you see while driving lol (because there is no speed differences anymore which is dumb)

    Honestly I really hate this argument considering most of the players that were speeding were already driving around at the highest speed they could manage.  If you just want to overtake players constantly, it doesn't matter if the speed limit is set to 200, 150, or 100 kph as players will still just drive at the fastest speed they can; otherwise you'll still pass the same amount of traffic in the oncoming lanes.


    What would lead to more player encounters would be if more players followed the road rules and spread themselves out rather than using one (crappy) road as an idiotic race track.


    12 hours ago, Roki100 said:

    but anyways it seems the player feedback does not matter in this project anymore



    That's because this project is run by the TMP team and they are in complete control of this mod. It doesn't matter what players want, the TMP team get to decide.  If they want to make it so we can only drive 300 HP pink trucks, than we have to learn to love 300 hp pink trucks.

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  6. 10 hours ago, FernandoCR [ESP] said:

    @NaIchHalt53 They were trolling you. Best thing to do, stop completely, hit F1 and wait. When you are in pause mode, your vehicle can't be damaged, they can hit it however they want, they will only get damage to their own trucks/cars. Don't react, don't use the chat or the CB radio, just stop, F1, wait.

    Does pausing the game still de-sync the in-game time?  I stopped using it in the past when I discovered my traffic lights were out of sync with other players.

  7. 3 hours ago, dacia1310 said:

    you forget this is just a game ... not a simulator in real life its just for fun ., i play this game just for the true nature of it i don't mind like others when i get rammed over i `m just upset because u all talking about the limiter like its the enemy here and it isn't but who i am to judge if everybody its against everybody ... we don't have a result ebcause as u said its not tirany but it tis  

    you said  TruckersMP offers multiple different server setups of which every player can choose, but doesn't offer u the arcade server with collisions, they are offering just what they want, thats why i said its tirany. 

    You're right, it's a game, and you can play single player in whatever manner you want.  When you're using TMP though, you agree to the rules set out by the TMP staff and are required to obey them.  Also, if you think TMP is a tyranny because it has conditions for it's use, you're in for a rude awakening when you try and deal with any business or service in the world.

  8. 2 hours ago, iBrachoO said:

    What an interesting life you have. Probably you are the one who yelling "rec" all the time when you see crash. Continue and do your job ets 2 policeman :D - this is how ETS 2 MP looks nowadays


    You think I'm a kid ? "you kids" what does it mean ?  You don't even know how ets 2 mp look like in 2014/2015 so what are u talking about?  As I said do your job..


    I still think there shouldn't be any speed restrictions. Maybe in the city to prevent lags. But I'm just a player and can't do anything about it. A I said I drive 99% of my time with wotr trailers so I'm limited to 90 km/h. 

    How cute, you're probably one of the kids crashing every single turn.  And yeah, considering I'm an old fart most of you are kids to me especially with the whining entitled attitude that a lot of you seem to have.  


    There is a server without speed restrictions, people are completelyfree to use that.  The real issue isn't that they can't speed, it's that they can't crash on the Arcade server, hence why you're all here complaining about the speed limit on the simulation server. If speed was the only legitimate complaint, that arcade server would be just as filled as the sim sever.

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  9. On 1/12/2020 at 12:26 PM, [Lima-COO] Stubborn said:

    I completely get your points you made and sometimes share a few of them. However I disagree that 8x4 tractor units are to be used more for high speed stability - I feel that they're more built to accommodate larger payloads which obviously need higher braking capacity and stability. 

    While it is true that 8x4 trucks are used for the load capacity (since axles have weight limits, generally more axles=more weight), but a longer wheelbase does actually affect your vehicle stability at speed.  The shorter the truck the better it will turn and maneuver, so at highway speeds a shorter truck will be a bit more twitchy than a long one.

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  10. 21 hours ago, iBrachoO said:

    Fortunately you can do nothing so you can dream to ban players for a month just because they crashed. Not everyone is a troll or rammer. 


    Yeah It doesn't matter, any player opinions doesn't matter - good xD


    Sure not everyone is a troll or rammer but it's also entirely possible to play this game without any accidents.  If another user is incapable of driving without an accident, they should be playing single player until they learn how to drive properly. 


    But sure, I'll just keep dreaming about banning you kids while I continue uploading reports and having these reckless kids banned.

  11. 8 hours ago, iBrachoO said:

    There should be EU#2 server like year ago. It was full all the time. What was the point to delete this server? Back in the day it was EU#1 

    ReAlIsTiC pLaYErS could play on EU#1 

    Everyone was happy but NO we will make ReAliStiC ets 2 with super realistic winter mod physics and spinning trucks like helicopter xDD

    Newbies, I drive 89/90 km/h in 99% of my playtime. In my opinion there shouldn't be any speed limit. 150 km/h was good I think.

    Yesterday I played on this Event server where you can drive 80 km/h in the city and 150km/h out of the city. It was really great.

    If you can't drive you will crash in the city with 60 km/h on your speedo. 

    If you can you can drive 170 km/h with trailer and do 0 damage but it's not realistic - it just a game.


    Maybe let players pay to bring back EU#2 Server - you will see how many donations you will get. I can pay donation if you bring back old good EU#2 



    The TMP creators want to move to a more simulation focused environment.  It doesn't matter what you or anyone else wants, it's their mod and they can make the rules however they want. Despite the frequent posts from kids, a lot of the TMP users don't enjoy having kids speeding recklessly and ruining our deliveries.  Limiting the speed limit is one of the simpler methods of preventing accidents.  Though honestly I'd rather just have much higher punishments, I'd be fine with letting you kids speed if I could get you banned for a month for the first offence.

  12. 34 minutes ago, Nakliyat_ı Sefer said:

    in my opinion if this situation in this platform continues, specially with moderators behaviors, this game will die soon i mean why i play on multiplayer when i should drive carefully like in real life  i go and play offline better atleast with bots around me .

    Bye bye, have a beautiful time!

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  13. On 11/29/2019 at 6:38 PM, Erik0301 said:

    @FernandoCR [ESP] The point was that people who drive normally will drive normally everywhere and people who want to drive like idiots will drive that way,  whether if they're in city with 60km/h or on highway with 110km/h, (also they will drive on sim1 because there are a lot of people) the only good thing of the speed limit is that tmp has fewer reports, but if tmp stuff wasn't lazy, this won't be necessary. I suppose you would say that this is good for us too, because there won't be idiots to ruin our deliveries and trucks? well, if you drive somewhere away from the c-d there are not really people who will search for only 5-6 persons to damage them, idiots are always on the c-d, whether if there's speed limit or no so if you wish to go there well.. it's on your own risk, but this has nothing to do with the speed limit. 

    That's funny considering I try to avoid C-D like the plague and a good chunk of my 400 reports are from Sweden, France, and Eastern Europe.  You can claim the TMP staff is lazy but really you just want to speed and crash into others.


    On 11/29/2019 at 9:38 PM, MadCowTransport said:

    Nobody wants to play on an arcade server with no collisions enabled. It doesn't matter if you never hit anyone, hopefully nobody INTENDS TO... but just knowing that its ghost mode everywhere makes the whole thing feel fake. If they had just copied sim mode, except without speed limits.... arcade mode would probably be more populated. 

    Boo Hoo, you can't speed and crash into players, wahhhh.  It's hilarous listening to how many players claim that it's not about the collisions but the speed, yet they all refuse to use the arcade server because they can't crash into people.


    On 11/30/2019 at 6:47 AM, kmankx2 said:

    Why not have a collision server without speed limits separate from the 'realism' servers then? Then the people who want to RP all the time can go on those servers and the people who actually enjoy going fast and having the threat of crashing. 

    I dont understand why you are forcing part of the community to just stop playing rather than give us our own server? 

    I mean the real reason is because you know it is popular and most people would use it, stopping it because of that is simply not fair. Yes some of the more experienced members who run this community like RP all the time but so many players do not.

    I've said this before but I'm ok with TMP getting rid of the speed limit if they increase the punishment times.  If you people want to speed and crash, go for it, but you should have a month long ban (minimum) even if it's your first accident.  But then so many of you kids would be whining and bitching that you were speeding and crashed and are now banned from the game and "TMP admins are the worst", and blah blah blah.

  14. On 11/9/2019 at 6:48 AM, Josh115 said:

    It happened On the busy C - D Road and my FPS was low because of the busy traffic.

    Unfortunately though low FPS isn't an excuse for avoiding punishments.  If you're PC isn't capable of handling busy areas at a reasonable framerate, you should go elsewhere.


    On 12/5/2019 at 1:59 PM, ROSZCO said:

    it costs nothing to say crap sorry m8 lol,  unless they are stuck up and think its real life and they report you even if you sneeze in the direction they me be coming from.

    It also costs nothing for the other player to drive properly and not mess up deliveries for other players.  You agree to follow the road rules when you play TMP, so you should expect others to report you if you're not.


    On 12/6/2019 at 9:31 AM, TurklerRS said:

    if you know that something was an accident and you still report it, you seriously shouldn't be given report permissions

    If you're incapable of driving your vehicle without causing an accident, you seriously shouldn't be playing TMP.  

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