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  1. On 8/5/2019 at 11:41 PM, China YZ_22B said:

    Here I provide you an idea. In Chinese laws, the defendant will get a light sentence if he gets forgiven by the complainant. Legal system is more mature than video game rules so that the laws can be referred. If the admins do not want to change the in force rules, they can create an amendment that if the perpetrator is forgiven, the ban period can be greatly shortened. The ban should be issued after the reporter declaring his attitude. If you do want to make a difference in the ban rules, please consider my opinion and convey it to the right forum.

    LoL.  Oh yeah, let's start requiring reports to include whether or not we want to forgive the person.  How about this, if the person has been reported, we clearly haven't forgiven them and want them to be punished.

    If you break a rule, I don't care what excuse you come up with, you still broke a rule.


    On 8/12/2019 at 6:28 AM, Nick2332f said:

    I have been banned because one guy wouldn't break for me at night! I looked in my mirror but couldn't see very clear so I thought I had enough space to get back in lane and I just hit him a bit but it didn't stop him or anything, I didn't even see that I hit him!

    if you would made the rules stricter then you are sad! Its just a videogame! Instead of them focusing on rules... maybe they should actually focus on changing gameplay for example limit trucks to 90 and cars to 150.....


    I would change a few rules... Reduce ban time...

    If you want to use the "it's a video game" argument, why don't you go play single player since you can do whatever you want there?  If you're going to play TMP, there are rules that you've agreed to follow and they come with punishments if you don't follow them.  Honestly they should just start handing out perma-bans like candy, I'd love to watch the rage from all the reckless drivers and children since most people seem to think their entitled to play TMP however they want.

  2. Honestly I'm in favour of the speed limits and would argue for them to be lower if ATS had more players.  Most of the players I see complaining about the speed limits are ones that I've had negative encounters with already.


    The only way I'd be in favour of removing the speed limiters from ATS and ETS would be if punishments were severely increased.  No more 1-3 day ban crap.  Put the first ban at a month and increase it from there.

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  3. 7 hours ago, BanneD_ said:

    "Our drivers". It's your words but whatever.

    I was refering to the drivers in those eastern European countries, not specifically yours.  Just because people can speak/type decently doesn't mean English is our first language nor does it mean that we're necessarily sober when typing our sentences.


    7 hours ago, BanneD_ said:

    Overtaking is not the biggest problem on the C-D road which you would have known if you've ever been there. Let me list you some of the problems that the C-D road has and the speed limit hasn't fixed and won't.  

    • Trolls overtake from grass 
    • They somehow make their trucks going through other trucks and drive within huge traffic lines. Imagine the mess it creates. 
    • Players overtake huge traffic lines and cause more traffic cause they end up blocking someone from the other side. 
    • During overtakes, some players decide to ram/block the overtaking truck.

    Also keep in mind that this rule you keep bringing up about overtaking is not absolute. You can overtake anyone you want as long as there are not 25+ players in your area. Somehow people think that overtaking is banned in country roads at all times. While the rule clearly states that overtaking is forbidden in areas with 25+ players. 

    I love how everyone always assumes that we (sim players) have never driven C-D road.  Just because I try to avoid it like the plague doesn't mean I won't drive it with friends or sometimes end up in Western Germany and/or Eastern France.

    You state overtaking isn't the biggest problem then list overtaking in three of your four examples, great choices to try and argue your point.
    "While the rule clearly states that overtaking is forbidden in areas with 25+ players." I had not noticed that rule had been changed, it did ban overtaking entirely on C-D road at an earlier time.  However with the exception of playing in the middle of the night, there's almost always 25+ people on C-D road that would cause that rule to be in effect.  


    7 hours ago, BanneD_ said:

    But It's meaningless to argue about the problems of the C-D road with players that hardly ever been there.

    I've been there plenty, but hey, whatever narrative helps your argument.  One of my most recent reports is from C-D road and also involves someone speeding and overtaking recklessly causing an accident between multiple people.  But I guess I'm the problem since I like to drive at 90 KPH and you kids need to constantly max out your speed regardless of what the limit is set too.


    7 hours ago, BanneD_ said:

    If you can't understand why the admins will not enable collisions to the arcade servers, i'm even starting to doubt that i'm talking with an adult. Let me explain that to you:

    If the admins would enable collisions to the arcade servers, most of the players would transfer there. That means that there would be incoming reports in the same frequency as #EU2 before the speed limit. That would require the admins to pay attention to the arcade servers and thus their whole "Moving closer to simulation environment" would be a complete disaster. Also you would whine about how there are no players in the simulation servers thus you'd transfer to the arcade server aswell. And there you have it, the arcade server would be the new #EU2. 

    You don't seem to understand that you're arguing against your previous points. 

    So if the players left Sim1 and went to Arcade1, suddenly there's more reports than before?   (Somehow removing the speed limits from the sim servers wouldn't result in an increased number of reports in your mind)

    The admins already pay attention to all servers already, just because there's an arcade server doesn't mean reports from there just go straight in the trash.

    I played often on EU1, yet have never made a post whining that there were no players there.  I fail to see how the speeders leaving the sim server would negatively effect me.  The trolls and players that don't care will just swap servers and follow the player count leaving only those that actually want to be on the sim server.


    8 hours ago, BanneD_ said:

    Ok first of all, the minute you get something to the public (game,mod or w/e) you're open to critisism. If you can't handle critisism then i'm afraid you're the special snowflake you keep talking about.

    Secondly the word "demand" is in your imagination. Nobody demanded anything. Whining is all within the presence of this forum. If you can't take it when it comes to your work, then you really shouldn't post any mods either way. Because like i formentioned in my first post, my gaming experience was ruined and the game managers should know about it. They should know how a big chunk of their community feels like with the changes they made.

    LoL.  At what point did I say I couldn't take criticism?  If I release a skin on Steam or a modding site and some kid starts demanding that I make a skin for his truck, that's not criticism, that's being entitled. 

    As for "demand", I'm generalizing my responses to you because I've had these arguments for years on the forums with you speeding kids.  Many of you don't understand how to make requests or to even voice a legitimate criticism, most of you will instantly just start whining about whatever it is you don't like.  How many of you are posting suggestions and discussing actual solutions compared to how many of you are crying that TMP is dead or the game is ruined?  You claim that any suggestion is useless as it wouldn't change anything from before, so why not actually try and discuss changes that could fix things instead of just demanding that the speed limits are removed from the sim servers.


    8 hours ago, BanneD_ said:

    And before you say more stuff about how modders should not take on the whining and the demands of their community, you should learn that I am a senior coder for a big mod in Hearts Of Iron IV. I know what it means to work on something for free but unlike you, i can take critisism. And mods are nothing more but their communities. 

    If I'm releasing a mod for the community, sure.  If I'm just uploading a mod onto the steam workshop so my friends can use it, I don't owe the community jack shit. You seem to be confusing criticism with demands yourself, if I came and started posting that you need to port your HOI mod to another game, is that a criticism or a demand? 

    Perhaps you should overhaul your mod and make it a total conversion Halo mod.  It's just a simple criticism, so you should be happy to do it. /s

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  4. On 8/5/2019 at 10:56 AM, BanneD_ said:

    Sigh. Comparing real-life with ETS2 is pathetic. Also assuming that i'm from Eastern Europe is funny.

    LoL.  Ok, whatever.  Just ignore any argument that you don't like.  Also, I didn't state that you were from Eastern Europe, I stated that Eastern European truck drivers are the ones you tend to see driving recklessly compared to the rest of the developed world.  Go to Germany, England, or America and you don't see truckers driving like they do in Russia or Turkey.


    On 8/5/2019 at 10:56 AM, BanneD_ said:

    C-D road has plenty of solid overtake spots. As long as you have a powerful truck and a light cargo, you can make fast and safe overtakes.

    C-D Road also has a TMP wide rule banning overtaking, but hey, you do whatever you want, right?  You're the special snowflake that deserves everything they demand.


    On 8/5/2019 at 10:56 AM, BanneD_ said:

    I'm pretty sure this forum exists so people can express their thoughts and concerns on the game. I'm fairly certain you did the same the past years when there was no speed limit. But yes i want everyone to cater to my wishes like your 10-year old kid used to do. 

    And I'm here expressing my thoughts to other players.  At no point have I ever created a topic just to whine and bitch that my wants aren't being catered too, I'll just come to your posts and bitch out entitled demands.  When one of you kids can come up with an actual constructive criticism argument I'm sure most of the adults would take you seriously. 


    As a help, I'll use my previous statements to help you understand the difference between a constructive complaint and whining:

    Constructive:  Why not use the arcade servers and make a post asking for collision physics or some event that can bring more players over?
    Useless whining:  Go away you speeding troll.


    Sure I'm an asshole and I'm rude, but I've given you suggestions for your complaint and so far you've just ignored anything you haven't liked.  So far you just want to be able to speed and crash around other players but you don't want to work towards a solution for that, you just want to change the rules on the simulation server to fit what you want.  


    On 8/5/2019 at 10:56 AM, BanneD_ said:

    Or I should have been here 2 years ago and tell you that the admins do not owe you anything especially since you're using their mod for free and you should probably shut the fuck up and be grateful that you even have a multiplayer-mod in the first place instead of complaining about the lack of a speed limit.

    Whether I joined years ago (this isn't my only TMP account by the way, I've got two others I use when playing with my family) or if I joined today, the argument is still the same.  You are not paying to use TMP nor are you employed by them in any fashion, so whatever changes they make are theirs to decide.  You're the same as the entitled kids that demand I make them a mod or skin just because they feel like I owe them something.  If I make a truck mod, it doesn't matter what you want, it's my mod.  If I make a skin, same shit, it's MY skin.  TMP has made a multiplayer mod and in doing so IT'S THEIR MOD!  It's not yours, it's not the communities, it is theirs.  Big bold letters:  THEIRS.  


    Constant whining and demands from entitled children are why I don't post any of my mods & skins on the internet anymore.  I can only imagine how the TMP team feels with the constant whining from people that just demand things all the time.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, BanneD_ said:


    There are some valid points in every complaint in this forum. Before the speed limit, the situation on the C-D road was a mess and the admins had to do something to fix it. People didn't get in here telling you to suck it up and that's how the C-D road is and if you don't like it you should play another game.

    Clearly you've never been around to see all the people that told us to go play EU1 whenever someone complained about encountering a troll.


    13 minutes ago, BanneD_ said:

    When you're telling people that there's an arcade server for them to speed, you sound like a 10-year old. One year ago there was a simulation server and it was dead empty. Why was it empty if so many people preferred the simulation? So please get off your high horse stop acting like every one who likes to speed is a troll and realise that you're a part of a community. 

    When they're coming to the simulation server and start whining about the simulation rules, they sound like an entitled child.  No one made a post complaining that the arcade servers are empty and they want more people to play with, they've made a post complaining that they can't speed or keep doing the reckless behaviour they want on a simulation server.


    13 minutes ago, BanneD_ said:

    Out of the 4000 players i would argue that 90% was driving to the maximum speed of their abilities whether they drive on C-D road or the highway. The fact that driving 150+km/h on C-D is wrong does not make the decision to issue a speed limit right. If you don't understand this then you don't just sound like a 10year-old but you think like one aswell. And if the C-D road was the problem, decisions should be made to affect only that road and not the entire map.

    It's a mod provided by a private group of individuals.  If they want to make it a max of 50 kph and no collisions they can.  It doesn't matter what you think is right or wrong, it's their project and they can do whatever they want with it.  But once again, people are complaining about the speed limit on the sim server when there is a perfectly good server that doesn't have the restriction they're complaining about.  You like to keep referencing 10 year olds but you seem to keep thinking that everyone should cater to your wishes.  Guess what, my kid did that when they were 10.  Grow the fuck up and realise that no one owes you anything especially when you're using something for free. 

    How often do you see the sim players making posts whining about the trolls or speeders?  We'll often comment in the post but we aren't making these topics as often as you kids are about speeding or your hatred of the rules.  The adults will either play the game and accept the rules or we'll move onto something else, we're not going to sit and whine about how it's been ruined and the mod is dead now.


    13 minutes ago, BanneD_ said:

    PS: In case you're interested in my ban history i have 6 bans in total, 4 on 2017 and 2 on 2018. The last one expired in 29 Sep of 2018. Most of these are bad overtaking calls and i could argue that i'd do it again. Overtaking is the bread and butter of this game. If you don't do it, you miss half the fun. These bans taught me the difference between a good and a bad overtake and how to implement a fast and safe overtake. And that's the reason why for the past year i haven't been banned.

    Also it would be quite an achievement If you had a ban history while driving at 90 km/h.

    LoL.  If I wanted to overtake people I'd get in my car and go down to the track for a race weekend.  I know in a lot of those shitty Eastern European countries your drivers don't have a clue, but in most of the civilized world you don't see semi trucks overtaking constantly on tight single lane roads.  If you want to overtake someone on a multi-lane highway, I don't think anyone would bitch unless you hit them.  However when you're trying to overtake on C-D road during a corner (especially when C-D road has a rule banning overtaking already), you're not showing you're a good driver, you're showing your an impatient child.


    TL;DR:  Just because you want to play with others, doesn't mean you can dictate the simulation servers.  Go play the arcade one and make posts asking for collision or to try and attract other players.  Don't just whine like an entitled child that the server you picked doesn't cater to your wishes.

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  6. 1 hour ago, [ST-LH] The Englishman said:

    In that case then buses/coaches, vans and other general vehicles should be added then if you're wanting to simulate regular traffic.  To which it'll probably (not saying never) not be added due to server strain and cases of extreme lag and/or fps issues.

    SCS have stated themselves that they're working on a bus/coach DLC just that it's not a high priority for their team.  One can hope though that if/when it gets added that TMP will accomodate it to further the realisim of driving around Europe.

  7. 5 hours ago, TheDuckThatFloats said:

    They fly on spawn cause their trailers are inside in a solid area like service stations or garages. Trsilers slide cause people set cargo mass to -5000 which makes the trailers slide.

    I've seen trailers flying upon spawning in empty areas where they're designed.  I've encountered my own rear HCT trailer sliding on me and I haven't set any of my settings to a negative, though an F7 teleport fixed the bug (0.23 is actually my preferred setting for all stability settings and I like realistic weights).  I have both encounters recorded from my own perspective as well as from a friend's perspective that was driving with me.  


    At no point have I stated that you shouldn't use double trailers or save-edit, I was just voicing an opinion that I doubt your save-edit has been completely without issue (especially since you yourself stated it had clipping issues).  I just haven't been a fan of multiple trailers since I've started encountering the bugs during the last couple patches and I've stopped using them myself because of it since I don't want to risk causing someone else an issue and getting banned; that and I much prefer a decent working truck/trailer look rather than something flashy/gawdy.  

  8. 6 hours ago, TheDuckThatFloats said:

    Stock doubles have bugs? Hell no. Ofcourse people will crash or get stuck cause they dont know how much angle and free space they need to turn. I drive with my mates on discord everytime, they havent mentioned any bugs(we did a convoy last week and one of us was live in youtube, watched my self in the stream and trailer wasnt bugging out)

    And yeah it is the same lenght as a HCT which is 28.60meters

    I have changed the asphalt digger to rextex crane back as that digger really looks bad on it like its going to fall or go sideways.

    If you've never seen the double trailers flying across the sky upon spawning, or have never seen the rear trailers sliding around like they're on ice, I can easily send you some videos.  Though allow me to state that I have no idea the actual frequency of these bugs, just that I have encountered weird issues with the stock double trailers in-game.


    Having just seen Forerunner's response, all I'm going to say is: LoL.

  9. 1 hour ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

    Which is illegal going by the rules on editing, how you can even think that second trailer is legal is beggars belief!

    I believe as long as he's not longer than the base HCT's available in the game, he is allowed to have that combination.  However I personally think this kind of trailer combination looks incredibly ugly, though I do like it because you can generally find the kids/bad drivers easier since their trucks look like random Frankenstein combinations.


    47 minutes ago, TheDuckThatFloats said:

    Saying sgaim, this trailer is not harmful or buggy for others, i drive like i do in reallife. They have removed 3riples(never crashed a single time) now im driving mixed trailers with diffrent cargos. Before that, they should look into trollers/rammers/blockers rather than hunting out save editors.

    Rules are rules.  If a player has violated the save-editing rules they shouldn't get a free pass just because there are players that ram or troll.  I also highly doubt that the trailer combination isn't buggy for other users especially when the stock double trailers already have bugs and glitches.

  10. On 8/1/2019 at 4:38 AM, Odion said:

    @TheCreepyTruckr Your argument is the same like "go and play Forza if you want speed". I know, you know and EVERYONE KNOWS that no one is going to drive on the arcade servers without collisions. Only the "simulator based" part of the community likes the changes, because they were driving low speed anyway. But for the rest of us, TMP Staff literally destroyed and threw to the trash can the last thing this community had. FUN. Now is just a boring mod with only a few ok staff members. The rest are just doing nothing, complaining about how hard their work is and saying every time they have the opportunity that IFMP is just a hoax and that it will never get released. Instead of complaining about how hard your work is, and even less to care about the development of another community, you could just do your work fine. But nooo, some players are waiting even 1 month for their web report to get solved. THAT'S AWFUL. Let's not talk about the in-game reports. In almost 2 years of driving on C-D, only 1 in-game report got solved. Also, after this update, I've seen only a few people getting banned or kicked on C-D, even if now it's even a bigger chaos than before, only because the players are unpleased, not because of the speed limit. Personally, I've been driving at the max speed whenever I had the occasion to do so, but never got reported by someone. Yeah, sure, there are still players that think they're in DIRT 4 and driving off-road, or just losing the control of their truck because of the speed they're driving, but they should also know they're limits, so yeah, that's entirely their fault. But you can't say "If I ruined your game that's perfectly fine by me, god knows it's only a matter of time before I would have recorded and reported you anyways". That's just selfish. Extremely selfish. And not just this quote. Your entire reply is selfish, and I can see that you care only about your gameplay, and you want the good only for you, but not for the others. If there were 100 people driving at max speed, and then you appeared, driving by the speed limit, it would be good to force all those players to drive by your style, right? Try to think about the others' gameplay, not only about yours. If the GAME let you do drive over the speed limit, then it's completely ok! But not the right thing is to force 95% of the community (or even more than that) to drive by a speed limit only because "tHiS iS a SiMuLaTiOn GaMe, AnD tMp Is A sImUlAtIoN bAsEd CoMmUnItY". Again, all those decisions made by the staff were completely savage and selfish, without even asking the community, because you know what the results would have been if they did that before the update. ;) The only group of people that likes this "update" is the TMP Staff that are kissing those who came up with these ideas in the arse to not get demoted or something, and the "Iron Knights of TMP" that is you. No wonder why the most TMP players are hoping for IFMP and HGVMP to get released, but then comes you, saying that IFMP is a hoax and that will never get released only because they didn't showed any proof that is a real thing. Let me put your sight in a different point of view. This is like religion right now. I don't have proof that it exists, you don't have proof that it doesn't. But we can still think what we want individually, right? Plus, why would they spend so much time and money on the forum, website and servers development only to be a completely hoax? Why would anyone want to screw up their image for this? I can tell you why. THERE'S NO CURRENT REASON TO DO THAT. Is just TMP's "opinion" to defame IFMP, because me, you AND they know that TMP is going to lose a big part of their community if IFMP gets released.


    Best Regards tho.


    You trolls can easily go play on the arcade servers if you want to speed then instead of coming to the simulation servers and whining about the rules.  You want to talk selfish, let's talk about that. 

    There are arcade servers available but there are two common complaints, lack of collision and lack of players.   If your argument is that there's a lack of collision, you should change your post and start complaining that the arcade servers aren't giving you what you want rather than complain that the simulation servers have rules that you don't want to obey.  Or if you're insistent on playing with others, follow the rules on the server you chose.  Prior to the server change most of you people told anyone that wanted a simulation focus or less trolls to go play in EU1, well now it's your turn, Go play in a different server.


    You keep referencing how this is a "GAME" yet you seem to completely avoid the fact that TMP is a multiplayer mod provided by the TMP devs.  If you want to play a game, go play single player since that's your game otherwise, as I suggested before, wait for IFMP to come out or just go and make your own multiplayer mod.  The TMP devs owe you NOTHING.


    "If there were 100 people driving at max speed, and then you appeared, driving by the speed limit, it would be good to force all those players to drive by your style, right? Try to think about the others' gameplay, not only about yours."  Wow, let's also talk about how you and those other 100 players are ignoring the rules to follow the in-game road laws.  I can easily find 100 stupid children, convince them that 2+2=22, and send them off.  Does that mean it's suddenly true?  No, it just means there's 100 idiots now running around.


    Once again, I'll state my asshole opinion.  If this update ruined the mod for you and you're leaving, stop posting here and go! 



    Quick Edit:  If you, or anyone else, want me to take your posts seriously than unhide your ban history and stand behind your driving.  I have nearly 400 accepted web reports and not a single ban against me.  If any of you have actually managed to speed for years without a collision, let's see it cause I don't believe any of you for a second.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Random_Truck_Driver said:

    I understand that raising the speed limit will create more chaos on the C-D road. That doesn't mean that i consider the speed limit a good measure to counter that.

    I think the admins should get rid of the speed limit but increase the punishment.  Since all these kids seem to want to keep whining about their supposed right to speed, let's let them speed.  Just make it so any accident caused by speeding, even a single kph over, is an automatic 1 month ban.  


    Speeding or being banned, let's see what these kids want more.

  12. On 7/28/2019 at 10:59 AM, Odion said:


    When you said that "more of the community wants a simulation focused service", you wanted to say the staff and those "TMP knights" that are going to eat every miserable update TMP does without even asking the community or without doing a poll? This is a simulation game, yes, but we're not driving on MP for the simulation, but for the fun. If you want simulation, get yourself some mods and play singleplayer; simple as that. And after all of those, it's not the best thing to just make the servers "close to simulation" when the previous limit was 150km/h, and 95% of the players, if not even more of that were, driving at max speed. So just stop saying that we shall play GTA or Forza when you're driving on TMP, lmao =))))))))))))

    Guess what buddy, there's an arcade server just for you!  No one is forcing you to use the simulation server, you're just following the crowd of people and whining that you have to follow the rules.


    On 7/30/2019 at 5:19 AM, BanneD_ said:


    To use your own words: It sounds like you might have a more enjoyable time playing ETS2 on SinglePlayer because obviously you can't tolerate people's mistakes. And if someone is breaking the rules, you can always record him and file a report. You could still play like a simulation and drive in England or Scandinavia or Poland where there are not many players to cause problems. But you see, i can't drive in Scandinavia or England or Poland because i don't have the time or the patience to drive that far going at 110 km/h because the game limits me. So the game forces me out the door because it gets boring. I like driving my truck (Yes not a car, don't get confuse i don't wanna play GTA or forza) fast in the highway and test my limits. But ever since they implemented the first speed limit i never did that again. How many times did you decide to not play the game because of trolls? Let me answer that for you: NONE. But you see there were plenty of times that i wanted to go in Scandinavia, only to regret it a second later because it would take more than 1 hour to go and return and i didn't have the time or the patience to do so. Why? Because of the speed limit.


    In Conclusion my friend, my gaming experience was ruined. Your gaming experience got better. But the game never limited your actions even before the speed limit. The most you did was to avoid the C-D road! BIG DEAL. I had to avoid the entire map except the C-D road because it's the only place i can feel that i'm playing with other people.

    So it's my fault that you have poor time management and can't play without speeding?  If you want to drive to Scandinavia go play single player where you can save on the drive or go teleport your truck there.  There are arcade servers available and you're perfectly free to use those.  Honestly I'm trying so hard to even take you seriously but I can't read your posts

    without laughing at you.


    On 7/30/2019 at 5:19 AM, BanneD_ said:

    And Most of the community certainly doesn't want the speed limit. Don't get confuse though because these forums don't represent the community. I base that on the fact that most players on the server are driving on the C-D road thus they don't seem to mind all these bad attitudes that i keep hearing about. Plus all people in this forum claim to avoid the C-D road like the plague. Plus the simulation server was always empty. So you do the math.

    The C-D road was probably the last enjoyable place in this game. Multiplayer is about interaction and tolerance. The loudest people in here are the ones who can't enjoy anything if they don't get it their way. I still remember the first day they implemented the 150 km/h limit. There was an update and the limit was lifted for a day. People thought at that point that they lifted the limit because there were players complaining. I still remember one player saying that they lifted the speed limit "because of the crybabies". The only "crybabies" in this forum are those who complain about the C-D road for years now. And the one time people expressed their concerns about the speed limit, they immediately became "crybabies".


    I didn't come to this mod to drive with robots going 90 km/h and play in an environment resembling the Single Player.The speed limit never solved the trolling problem. It reduced accidents, but accidents are the reason i'm playing multiplayer and not singleplayer because i want to feel that the world is alive. 


    TMP admins said last year that the speed limit was a test. It's true, they tested it, they realised that it reduced accidents thus making their job easier so why not make the speed limit even stricter. It will make their jobs even easier.


    Thanks for ruining my game. 


    PS: C-D Road is still a mess. No speed limit will fix that. The difference now is that crashes happen because people wanna overtake but can't

    Wah, wah, wah, wah.  I think the TMP devs should honestly close Calais and Duisburg and watch as you kids lose your shit.  If I ruined your game that's perfectly fine by me, god knows it's only a matter of time before I would have recorded and reported you anyways.  Seriously, if you want to play it like an arcade game, use the arcade server.  Get off the simulation server if you want to speed.

  13. 7 hours ago, davidd said:

    The player banned did have right-of-way, however, from the perspective in the video, it's difficult to tell if the banned user attempted to slow down at that junction. Maybe the junction was clear when the oncoming truck decided to continue straight? Who knows, but the Game Moderator may have seen something else from a different perspective.


    Watch the video again and pay attention to it.  The user going through the yield sign, 2761, is the same user that appears in the ban message.  The player with the right of way that disappears is user #2300.

  14. LoL! TMP is not dying just because you kids can no longer speed.  The server rules have been a fine & welcome change and the only players I've seen complaining about the rule changes have been the ones that have multiple bans and can't drive.

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  15. 14 hours ago, McGalcri said:

    Oh man... in a GAME when nobody is around, speed up is my own problem. I dont put anyone in danger... and of course, i dont try to make turns at 150km/h hahahaha, remember we still in a GAME, simulation or not still being a GAME. As you said "Moving more towards being a simulator does not mean the TMP devs are trying to make it 100% like real life" this is exactly what Im refering to.  And of course, IN REAL LIFE I always follow the traffic rules and I NEVER SPEED UP (I drive always below the limits) there is a diference between REAL LIFE and a GAME.


    Considering this is not REAL LIFE (its a game) Where is the problem in THIS GAME SIMULATOR if I go at 150km/h when NOBODY is around? Is anyone affected? the response is NO, nobody is affected.

    It's a game sure, but that arguement only applies for single player.  If you want to mod in flying trucks and go racing around like a child playing with toys, than fine, go play with your game in single player.  TMP, whether using a game or not, is providing a multiplayer service and they're doing so with their own set of rules.  It doesn't matter what you want when you're alone, you still agreed to the rules of the server and are now complaining about having to follow them the moment they get enforced. 


    13 hours ago, Octavian101 said:

    In my opinion, if you want to drive like a snail then you should play SinglePlayer or at least expect to get a lot of horns towards you, people being mad behind you and a lot of ramming from others.

    What a typical child's response.  You agreed to a set list of rules prior to using the mod yet somehow the rules shouldn't apply to you and those that follow the rules should leave.  Perhaps you speeders should leave and play single player, you're clearly the ones that are breaking the TMP rules.

  16. 14 hours ago, McGalcri said:

    First, I NEVER drive recklessly... I say more (and several people can confirm) I usually go 80km/h FOLLOWING THE SIGNAL RESTRICTIONS. I only speed up when NOBODY IS AROUND. If I meet someone at 80km/h i just reduce and continue at 80Km/h. 

    I REPEAT i only speed up when NO BODY IS AROUND for save some time

    Even with old limit 150km/h, I usually drive 80km/h (90 when the road sign tell it) 

    Second... i dont like arcade racing games.

    Single player have no REAL DRIVERS, that is why im in TruckerMP, looking for... the experience with REAL HUMAN ERRORS.

    Third, you are judging me too fast... you dont know how I drive (as I said, 99% time im following SIGNALS (not only game rules))

    I never said I HATE the game now lol, i like it and I said... I drive at 80km/h and I repeat, even with old 150km/h limit... i drove at 80km/h when the signal say it, so this 110km/h is not a real problem for me.

    I just saying, with the old 150km/h we was allowed (WHEN NOBODY AROUND) to speed up for saving time for make a more rewarded routes, thats all!!!

    And again... if we are looking for a REAL TRUCK SIMULATOR, several other things should change before, like under 18 years old crazy kids playing, remove cars from a truck simulator and you must know, in real life there are ways for remove speed limiters from trucks.... but this is illegal (but exist).

    For finish, let me repeat what I want to say: Old 150km/h allow us to speed up a bit WHEN NOBODY IS AROUND for saving time, if you meet someone, return normal restrictions, is not that hard to understand.


    First, I find it funny that you can claim to never drive recklessly while also stating that you'll speed.  Even if no one is around you're still driving recklessly when you exceed the limit.  Besides, if you're driving in real life, do you suddenly floor it the moment there's no other traffic or do you continue following the road rules?


    Second, if you must play with others and need to speed than use the arcade server or wait for another MP service to release. 


    Third, I'm too old to give a shit about getting to know people on the internet.


    Fourth, no one said we're looking for a real simulator, though I did say that you people like to try and cherry pick your arguements.  Moving more towards being a simulator does not mean the TMP devs are trying to make it 100% like real life, it just means they want to cut down on the amount of players treating the game like it's Need for Speed.  Hell I bet the rule changes have considerably cut down on the number of reports the mods have had to deal with, God knows my reports have dropped considerably since the change.

  17. 17 hours ago, Slosai said:

    How so? I'm thinking it may be useless in simulator because in certain scenarios not all players gets to the point of known which can be intended to show a variety of different messages like including to warn to other drivers of road hazards, telling a driver they can pass through or alerting a driver of speed or police traps, disable high beam and it can also be a form of aggressive driving. The using of headlight flashing varies.

    I'm not talking about someone giving a quick flash of their highbeams for a legitimate reason, I'm referring to the players that spam them off constantly for no reason.  Some twat coming up behind me on the highway and just spamming his highbeams isn't informational or helpful, it's useless spam(or road rage in real life).

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  18. @FernandoCR [ESP] Couldn't agree more with #3.  I'd often average multiple weekly reports just from playing in the off hours and DLC maps, however since the speed changes I haven't had any serious incidents with other players and most of my jobs have been finished flawlessly. 



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