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  1. Does pausing the game still de-sync the in-game time? I stopped using it in the past when I discovered my traffic lights were out of sync with other players.
  2. You're right, it's a game, and you can play single player in whatever manner you want. When you're using TMP though, you agree to the rules set out by the TMP staff and are required to obey them. Also, if you think TMP is a tyranny because it has conditions for it's use, you're in for a rude awakening when you try and deal with any business or service in the world.
  3. Normally a playstation or xbox controller since I'm normally lazy and don't feel like hooking up my wheel.
  4. Most players would just cheat to get access, the test wouldn't do anything to prevent trolls.
  5. I prefer hauling doubles since it's closer to what I did in real life. Super-B's and Turnpike Doubles for life!
  6. How cute, you're probably one of the kids crashing every single turn. And yeah, considering I'm an old fart most of you are kids to me especially with the whining entitled attitude that a lot of you seem to have. There is a server without speed restrictions, people are completelyfree to use that. The real issue isn't that they can't speed, it's that they can't crash on the Arcade server, hence why you're all here complaining about the speed limit on the simulation server. If speed was the only legitimate complaint, that arcade server would be just as filled as the sim sever.
  7. I know it's an ETS post, but I'm going to include my ATS truck as well. My main vehicles in ETS2 & ATS.
  8. While it is true that 8x4 trucks are used for the load capacity (since axles have weight limits, generally more axles=more weight), but a longer wheelbase does actually affect your vehicle stability at speed. The shorter the truck the better it will turn and maneuver, so at highway speeds a shorter truck will be a bit more twitchy than a long one.
  9. Sure not everyone is a troll or rammer but it's also entirely possible to play this game without any accidents. If another user is incapable of driving without an accident, they should be playing single player until they learn how to drive properly. But sure, I'll just keep dreaming about banning you kids while I continue uploading reports and having these reckless kids banned.
  10. The TMP creators want to move to a more simulation focused environment. It doesn't matter what you or anyone else wants, it's their mod and they can make the rules however they want. Despite the frequent posts from kids, a lot of the TMP users don't enjoy having kids speeding recklessly and ruining our deliveries. Limiting the speed limit is one of the simpler methods of preventing accidents. Though honestly I'd rather just have much higher punishments, I'd be fine with letting you kids speed if I could get you banned for a month for the first offence.
  11. Just record and report them, if they're breaking the rules they will be punished for it. Making a forum post of rules won't change much especially when most users don't visit the forums.
  12. @Beenz. - Again, why? You're playing on the simulation servers, why shouldn't we be able to simulate winter weather? Most of us can drive perfectly fine with the snow mod, just cause some kids drive like idiots is no reason to restrict the rest of us. Just report the reckless drivers and move on.
  13. @Beenz. - Why, because you or some others are incapable of driving without issue? While there are definitely some bugs with the physics mod, a lot of us seem to be perfectly capable of driving without causing accidents. Not to mention that using the mod is optional and if a player can't drive without crashing they'll quickly be banned for it.
  14. Bye bye, have a beautiful time!
  15. @Granite - You can change the cargo or the trailer types but you cannot exceed the default in-game trailer sizes. So extending the rear trailer of a rocky mountain double would not be allowed.
  16. That's funny considering I try to avoid C-D like the plague and a good chunk of my 400 reports are from Sweden, France, and Eastern Europe. You can claim the TMP staff is lazy but really you just want to speed and crash into others. Boo Hoo, you can't speed and crash into players, wahhhh. It's hilarous listening to how many players claim that it's not about the collisions but the speed, yet they all refuse to use the arcade server because they can't crash into people. I've said this before but I'm ok with TMP getting rid of the speed limit if they increase the punishment times. If you people want to speed and crash, go for it, but you should have a month long ban (minimum) even if it's your first accident. But then so many of you kids would be whining and bitching that you were speeding and crashed and are now banned from the game and "TMP admins are the worst", and blah blah blah.
  17. Unfortunately though low FPS isn't an excuse for avoiding punishments. If you're PC isn't capable of handling busy areas at a reasonable framerate, you should go elsewhere. It also costs nothing for the other player to drive properly and not mess up deliveries for other players. You agree to follow the road rules when you play TMP, so you should expect others to report you if you're not. If you're incapable of driving your vehicle without causing an accident, you seriously shouldn't be playing TMP.
  18. Everything. Originally it was just Maps and Paint DLCs that I wanted but due to SCS's sales and wanting to continue supporting the developers, I've ended up just buying everything they release.
  19. Some of my issue with speeding players has to do with the draw distance and visibility on the map. I have a couple recordings saved from prior to the speed limit where a truck will start a left turn with no visible players and nothing showing on the map, only for a speeding Skoda to appear a couple hundred meters away and ram into him.
  20. If my vehicle is driving I'll be in first person. I'll only use the exterior camera if I'm parked or if I'm trying to take screenshots.
  21. @MGbrainstormer(NL) - That's honestly been one of my biggest issues with the TMP admins, I don't think that punishments should be at admin discretion as it creates a wide variety of acceptable reports. I think on the rules page they should outline set punishments for offences and for set amounts of time. I've had players ram me while overtaking and they've gotten a week ban, then there's been other times when I get rammed off the road and my report is declined as a "kickable offence only", it definitely leads to some frustration for the player.
  22. LoL. You realize that other people play from multiple time zones, right? And if you want the time to change just play the game and it will change, TMP servers aren't restricted to night time only.
  23. Not all reports are valid and new players might struggle to understand what should and shouldn't be reported, so the system is to prevent them from making a bunch of extra reports that would just be declined. Let's make a simple example: In Europe you cannot turn right on a red light. Someone that's never driven in Europe might not know this and could easily end up reporting every player they encounter that sits on a red light for "blocking". If players weren't limited on their number of reports, it's entirely possible for someone to make 15+ reports for something that isn't breaking the rules. Keep in mind though that you cannot submit a report for an offence that's older than a month. There's nothing wrong with sitting on a recording until you're able to report it just as long as it's done within a reasonable timeframe.
  24. Just to clarify OP, are you using the regular horn button or are you using the air horns? The horn sounds you're after are from the air horns and there are multiple kinds with different sounds, so just go experiment.
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