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  1. Oh man, my city transit planners must be dumb as hell.  They want more people to use the transit system rather than drive, fair enough, however I don't think you're going to accomplish that by raising the price of transit.


    It takes me ten minutes to drive to work, I can walk it in about 40 minutes (50 in winter), however the fastest I could get to work by bus would take me an hour and a half.  Combine that with the fact that my insurance and gas costs are only $40 more per month than buying a bus pass and I fail to understand why anyone that has a vehicle would ever want to take the city transit.  We're not even getting into the other issues like the exceptionally poor driver training, the poor quality of the buses, the drivers inability to follow the schedule, or the general over crowding, and it's quite easy to see why the number of people using transit have declined each year.  I'd rather have the freedom of my car and the ability to go where I want or do what I want in it rather than suffer through some horribly overpriced piece of transit.

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