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  1. Anyone have a program that would give a visual representation of what keys I'm pressing on my recording/screen? 


    Having an admin tell me that I could avoid an accident by braking earlier (when a player drove out in front of me) is annoying, especially when the admin ignores (or doesn't notice) that the engine brake, trailer brake, main brake, and retarder are active (speed is actively dropping quickly and some brake icons, like the retarder,  are visible lighting up on my trucks dash).   I would like if I could show without a doubt in my videos that I'm actually on the brake.


    (As for swerving to avoid the player, No.  If I swerve and hit someone that's on me.  If I keep my lane and he hits me, that's his fault.  It's not my job to be driving like an idiot just to avoid someone hitting me)

    1. Baratako


      Googling "OBS input overlay" shows some interesting results and could be what you want. Also, defensive drving, such as swerving to avoid collision is something important that everyone should do, considering a collision may cause the vehicle to become uncontrollable and is best to avoid one if you can.

    2. TheCreepyTruckr


      @Baratako  I've had issues with OBS causing some fullscreen issues in a few of my games, so I've generally steered clear.  I might have to look into it though.  Are there any other control/key overlays you can think of?


      As for defensive driving, I already do drive defensively in-game, however I'm not going to start swerving and driving erratically around other players just because one player can't drive right.  If I swerved to avoid one player but crashed into a couple others, I'd still be at fault for causing that collision.  I drive the same way in-game as I do in real life.  According to the DOT unless physical contact is made with another vehicle, anything that happens will be your fault.  So if someone cuts you off and you swerve and crash your car/truck, it's your fault in the eyes of the law, not the fault of the other party. 


      I honestly just find it funny that I was told I could have avoided the crash by braking earlier (despite already being on my brakes and in a turning lane with no prior visual of the other player), yet the player that ignored his yield and drove out in front of me was "trying to stop with the winter mod" (even though I was running it too).  It's not like this is a real crash and I'm looking at thousands of dollars in repairs so I honestly don't mind letting it go.  I've just always laughed at inconsistencies and find the admin's statement to be funny, especially since if this happened without the winter mod it would be a clear ban for reckless driving and ramming.

    3. Baratako


      I'm not really an expert in OBS so I don't think I can help you much, sorry :( 


      Also, the swerving that I mention should be done only if there are no other vehicles within your vicinity. What I said was a bit vague I admit, so let me rephrase it: "Defensive driving, such as swerving, should be practised if the driver believes that another driver will collide with his vehicle, as long as the swerving or any other defensive driving maneuvre doesn't cause problems with other road users, himself or even the driver causing the imminent collision". So yes, obviously you aren't going to avoid a collision so that you can collide with something else, that would be a redundant action.


      Also, with the Winter Mod enabled, you should be expected to drive more cautiously. I'm not saying that you weren't, of course, but coming around an intersection, it would be a good idea to at least slow down. Again, not saying that you weren't, hell, maybe I would've crashed as well. Problem is: I don't know what exactly happened there, so I can merely offer you my insight. Nonetheless, I'm glad that situation was resolved without much hassle... well... at least no one was banned. Game Mods sometimes forget that we may make mistakes, we're all human, after all :D 

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