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  1. Does anyone have an issue with DirectX11 not displaying the game in fullscreen mode?  If I launch windowed mode first it's fine, if I launch in fullscreen it just stays minimized in my taskbar until I enter/fumble my way through the menus and into the game.

  2. Ok kids, this needs to be explained to you. 


    Just like how driving in real life is a privilege and not a right, the same applies to TMP.  What you want means nothing if it goes against the TMP rules and/or the server rules.


    1. ScaniaFan89


      They need to find a way to block the dam hacks from working, surely there must be a way! 

  3. Dear mods:  When reporting, does a players name need to be directly visible when they're the closest player listed in the nearby players tab (especially if less than 5 meters)?  Because if that's the case I'm going to start rear-ending people since most of them probably won't have their cameras facing backwards to catch the offence.  I shouldn't have to go to a chase/free cam to look at an offender that's ramming my trailer while I'm driving in traffic, that's incredibly stupid and just asking for further problems if I'm now having to either stop or take my eyes off the road.

  4. If any admins see this and don't mind answering, why is: "Using an interior from one cabin in another, this does not include steering wheels" not allowed under the save-editing rules?  Wouldn't the interior only be visible for the person using the truck? I don't see how this could possibly cause problems.

    1. TheCreepyTruckr


      @S p a r k i e - Thanks for the answer, aside from save-editing my skins I've always stuck with stock trucks, so I hadn't considered that as an issue.

  5. Does anyone have a decent alternative to YouTube?  I'm getting annoyed with constant copyright strikes, especially from twats that don't actually own the rights to the songs. 

  6. Video encoding times are bullshit.... Or I should stop recording in 4K at 60 FPS, but it's more fun to bitch on the internet. :)

  7. I love the players that hide their punishment history.  Does anyone seriously see a profile with hidden punishments and think the person is a good driver?  We already know you've screwed up, just own up to it.

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    2. TheCreepyTruckr


      ^ Same here, even if I had any bans I'd still display it as it's not the end of the world.

    3. Granite


      Pretty sure it's hidden by default for some time now, I know I had to set my history public. It's actually quite rare to see someone with public punishment history, cause most people just don't fiddle with account settings.



      yes but i screwed up in 2015


      and ive not had a ban since


      and its 2019


      also its my fault you can hide them ;)

  8. While I didn't think it would compete with TMP, I was still hopeful for Infinite Truckers since competition is good.  However the more I keep up with it the more it seems like a massive joke.  Hell, their website is currently just a loading icon to "keep people curious", it doesn't keep me curious it just makes me wonder if you guys even have a competent website designer.

  9. Rough Collies are the best trucking dogs.  Change my mind.

  10. This Infinite Truckers shit is hilarious.  It will be entertaining to see how much of a shit show their mod is, especially considering the issues they've had in the past two days.

    1. JarFull


      Can't blame them for trying, not exactly an easy thing to get right, think how TMP started

  11. WOO! Who's going to be enjoying the eclipse tonight?

    1. M6Gaming


      Ooo, you already know! :lol:

  12. When you're to used to the short merging lanes in ETS/ATS and need to get up to speed:


  13. You're just upset that you're banned, aren't you?  Is that why you're spamming pictures?

  14. Anyone a fan of WW2 naval games that can recommend some good ones?  I've pretty much got the standards, Silent Hunter, Atlantic Fleet, Cold Waters, Dangerous Waters, etc. 


    I'm just looking for something new to play.

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    2. TheCreepyTruckr


      I probably should have listed every game I have but that would be quite a list.  While I appreciate the suggestion I've been playing World of Warships since the Alpha.  At this point I'm probably looking more towards indie games as I probably own all the mainstream ones.

    3. Chev


      Sadly, there are not very many good WW2 naval games out there.


      This might be of some interest, I've been waiting on this simulator to release.


    4. TheCreepyTruckr


      LoL, same here.  It's sitting on my wishlist waiting for it's release.  I'm hoping it's good, I'm always up for another Silent Hunter or Cold Waters. :)

  15. Oh man, my city transit planners must be dumb as hell.  They want more people to use the transit system rather than drive, fair enough, however I don't think you're going to accomplish that by raising the price of transit.


    It takes me ten minutes to drive to work, I can walk it in about 40 minutes (50 in winter), however the fastest I could get to work by bus would take me an hour and a half.  Combine that with the fact that my insurance and gas costs are only $40 more per month than buying a bus pass and I fail to understand why anyone that has a vehicle would ever want to take the city transit.  We're not even getting into the other issues like the exceptionally poor driver training, the poor quality of the buses, the drivers inability to follow the schedule, or the general over crowding, and it's quite easy to see why the number of people using transit have declined each year.  I'd rather have the freedom of my car and the ability to go where I want or do what I want in it rather than suffer through some horribly overpriced piece of transit.

  16. Anyone have a program that would give a visual representation of what keys I'm pressing on my recording/screen? 


    Having an admin tell me that I could avoid an accident by braking earlier (when a player drove out in front of me) is annoying, especially when the admin ignores (or doesn't notice) that the engine brake, trailer brake, main brake, and retarder are active (speed is actively dropping quickly and some brake icons, like the retarder,  are visible lighting up on my trucks dash).   I would like if I could show without a doubt in my videos that I'm actually on the brake.


    (As for swerving to avoid the player, No.  If I swerve and hit someone that's on me.  If I keep my lane and he hits me, that's his fault.  It's not my job to be driving like an idiot just to avoid someone hitting me)

    1. Baratako


      Googling "OBS input overlay" shows some interesting results and could be what you want. Also, defensive drving, such as swerving to avoid collision is something important that everyone should do, considering a collision may cause the vehicle to become uncontrollable and is best to avoid one if you can.

    2. TheCreepyTruckr


      @Baratako  I've had issues with OBS causing some fullscreen issues in a few of my games, so I've generally steered clear.  I might have to look into it though.  Are there any other control/key overlays you can think of?


      As for defensive driving, I already do drive defensively in-game, however I'm not going to start swerving and driving erratically around other players just because one player can't drive right.  If I swerved to avoid one player but crashed into a couple others, I'd still be at fault for causing that collision.  I drive the same way in-game as I do in real life.  According to the DOT unless physical contact is made with another vehicle, anything that happens will be your fault.  So if someone cuts you off and you swerve and crash your car/truck, it's your fault in the eyes of the law, not the fault of the other party. 


      I honestly just find it funny that I was told I could have avoided the crash by braking earlier (despite already being on my brakes and in a turning lane with no prior visual of the other player), yet the player that ignored his yield and drove out in front of me was "trying to stop with the winter mod" (even though I was running it too).  It's not like this is a real crash and I'm looking at thousands of dollars in repairs so I honestly don't mind letting it go.  I've just always laughed at inconsistencies and find the admin's statement to be funny, especially since if this happened without the winter mod it would be a clear ban for reckless driving and ramming.

    3. Baratako


      I'm not really an expert in OBS so I don't think I can help you much, sorry :( 


      Also, the swerving that I mention should be done only if there are no other vehicles within your vicinity. What I said was a bit vague I admit, so let me rephrase it: "Defensive driving, such as swerving, should be practised if the driver believes that another driver will collide with his vehicle, as long as the swerving or any other defensive driving maneuvre doesn't cause problems with other road users, himself or even the driver causing the imminent collision". So yes, obviously you aren't going to avoid a collision so that you can collide with something else, that would be a redundant action.


      Also, with the Winter Mod enabled, you should be expected to drive more cautiously. I'm not saying that you weren't, of course, but coming around an intersection, it would be a good idea to at least slow down. Again, not saying that you weren't, hell, maybe I would've crashed as well. Problem is: I don't know what exactly happened there, so I can merely offer you my insight. Nonetheless, I'm glad that situation was resolved without much hassle... well... at least no one was banned. Game Mods sometimes forget that we may make mistakes, we're all human, after all :D 

  17. I can't speak for all of us, but I'm gonna say that this Canadian is laughing at all of you players that can't drive in the snow.  Even with the physics mod enabled and drinking & driving I have yet to spin or jack-knife, I have no idea how you guys can't keep it on the road.  Come drive the Rocky Mountains some time. :D


    Though I want to "thank" one of the players that rammed my truck as that was the first time I've had it start to jack-knife on me.  I'd like to think I would have recovered but unfortunately the trees lining the side of the road thought differently.


    -Side note- What, I can't select Finland as my EU garage?  Come on TMP, let's get on this.  My life is ending without it. :P

    1. SprinterFS


      Slow down, keep 3x normal following distance, plus some luck in that you don't run into griefers who may or may not target you. I survived C-D with full server EU2 and winter mod today.


      Too many players are just impatient and drive too fast for the condition.


      About garage choice - please make a suggestion so developers can see.

    2. TheCreepyTruckr


      @SprinterFS Definitely agree with too many driving faster than they should, C-D is perfectly doable as long as you drive properly for the weather.  


      As for the garage choice, I had just noticed it as I was posting my status update.  ATS has been updated with the Oregon maps and I imagine ETS will as well, it's probably just due to the holidays.

  18. I love how delicate some of the playerbase is.  This poor kid thinks me telling him to "Look next time" before he pulls out into traffic is offensive and that I need to be banned for it.  I think he's going to be very disappointed when he goes outside and leaves his safe-space. :D

  19. I'd probably get banned for someone mistaking a quote as "insulting" but if I'm ever at fault for running a red light, I'm seriously tempted to quote a scene from American Dad:  "Smith you idiot, I had the red!" (I love Avery Bullock).

  20. I'm sure there's a technical limitation behind it, but I really wish we could increase the player draw distance (I already have it maxed).  With how often people speed, it's a little annoying to have them popping into existence while you're in the middle of a turn.  I'll normally use the player list to judge if I have approaching traffic, but in high player count areas, it's sometimes a little hard to judge who is approaching an intersection.



      its happened to me at least twice and both times i've had a truck plow into me

  21. What's with the hate about this supposed Bus DLC?  Everyone's freaking out that "It's a truck game" and that buses don't belong, well just don't buy/use it when it comes out then.  I don't understand why players are acting like someone's going to shoot their dog if they drove a bus.

    1. caff!!!


      The real question is will it actually come out, it's been in the works for years on a skeleton crew

    2. Rev.


      I don't see why they'd release a Bus DLC into a truck simulation game.


      Would be more suitable as a standalone using the same framework.

  22. It's a little early but Merry Christmas to all the truckers out here.

  23. My Christmas Truck is the best looking.  Change my mind.


    Edit: Can someone also explain why there's artifacting on the image?  It's only effecting my WOT screenshots and not my Steam or Nvidia screenshots

    1. Rev.


      The below link will automatically embed the image in the status update for you.



      Is that what you're trying to do?

    2. TheCreepyTruckr


      I wasn't actually trying to embed the image, however I didn't know about the link, thank you for that.

      I initially just wanted to start a cheeky argument that my truck looked the best. :D

  24. Considering how crap I thought the first The Crew was, I've been having a remarkebly good time with the second.  Although I will never understand why they need to throw so many videos at you during the first hour of the game.

  25. Can someone explain to me how the latest windows update has broken Fallout 4 completely for me?  Fresh install, no mods, I freeze during any loading screen whether it's a new game or existing one.  None of my other games seem to have issues....   So why/how would just one game stop working completely when it was working fine a few days prior?

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