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  1. Hello Guys. How's Everybody Doing! :)

  2. Hey everyone

    how do you request a song for truckers.fm radio station?

    hope you all have a great day//night!

    1. Scar


      Request it at their website: http://truckers.fm

    2. Candy Paint
    3. stilldre1976


      Click request on there main page fill out the info and send matey

  3. Hi Penguin :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Candy Paint

      Candy Paint

      Im good, i updated my profile :)

    3. Penguin
    4. Candy Paint

      Candy Paint

      :) im going on ets2 and go trucking

  4. Hey Everyone,

    Just a random question

    what is the busiest road in euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer? :o

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Death Road (Calais-Duisburg).

  5. What Do You Guys Think About My Profile Update? :)B)

    1. Zelcrum


      Was there something else? 

    2. Candy Paint

      Candy Paint

      yea it was simpsons xD

  6. you dont understand, the size of the image, not the quility of the image or the file size, i mean the size of the image e,g, 533x522 something like that
  7. Hey There i would like to know what is the height and width of the truckersmp background that you can apply to your profile, i got a really cool image i want to put on but i dont know what the size should be
  8. Whats the height and width for the background picture? i want to fit a picture perfect in but i don't know the size
  9. Who's awake? :)

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    2. Penguin


      I am now :D Good morning :P


    3. Candy Paint

      Candy Paint

      Hi :P, i'd like to ask a question, how do update your status? without making a new topic every time:) thanks in advance

    4. Candy Paint

      Candy Paint

      penguin, can you please tell me what is the height and width for background image on truckermp? i want to fit a full image there

  10. how do you get them online? i've seen them but i cant get them to go online
  11. Hey Guys i would like to know how do people get coloured trailers, i mean just a plain colour like red, white, black, i've seem multiple people with coloured trailers and thought that they look pretty cool and want one myself, thanks in advanced
  12. Hey Guys I Just Got A Few Questions To Get Off Me ok so the first question is 1. how do i upload a picture of my truck on world of trucks, when i go to my profile on world of trucks, it says i dont have any picture of my "ride" in ets2 second question 2.how do you rank up on truckersmp? because i see my rank is " What is a truck?" how can i change that ?
  13. Hey Guys, just want to ask some people out there, is it normal to get fps drop at high population areas where people over 50 is at one place? im getting 10- fps there where my normal fps is like 70+
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