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  1. Hello, I play my ETS2/ATS with the G930 with the padles and I am having alot of fun since I been apart of TMP from 2016
  2. That is good to hear as we happy you're part of the wonderful Viva Trucking family.
  3. Viva Trucking has change my life as I was shy before I join but once I did everybody make me feel welcome as being part of Viva either the staff member came to me and ask me if everything was alright within my first week being there. We have weekly convoy/event like 5-7 days per week, as they are really fun to be a part of as I can hang out with the Viva community as well normal community and see want kind of feedback they may have about Viva Trucking etc...
  4. Cant believe I just saw this event look like I bet get starting
  5. SCS has done a great job so far also cant wait for this DLC
  6. Do we have to downgrade to be able to play?
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