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  1. The Teletubbies and Mr Bean songs were the weirdest things I've ever heard over cb - I can now add Nintendo Wii music to that list (someones playing it over cb now in Calais)



  2. Hope that everyone has an awesome 2018! :)


    In-case you missed them, here are London's New Year celebrations - Hope you enjoy:


  3. Happy new year from the pingu family :) 


  4. So...

    A few hours to go to the New Year in Germany.

    Some of you are already in 2018 and some wait excited for the New Year.

    If you are outside and celebrate it with a lot peoples then look out.

    So now enjoy the fireworks and 2018.

    Best Regards

    LSPD Gamer

    TruckersMP Forum Moderator

  5. Happy New Year TruckersMP ^_^ 

    I Hope 2018 year will be better then last one and u will enjoy it. 

    Thanks for everyone who was with me in difficult moments and i hope that i will be part of this great community until its possible :wub:

  6. Thunderstorm + Nürburgring at night in a Nissan GT-R Nismo. :wub:


    (My first screenshot on Project Cars 2. ^-^')


  7. Merry Christmas Guys c: !

    Hope you all have a blessed Day/Night !

    This is not a date only for gifts, and yes for Love, just as everyday ;3 ! 



  8. spent 4 hours doing xmas trailers and finally im on tier 2 



  9. http://prntscr.com/hqi0l3


    one year anniversary of my first ban lol.

  10. This stupid Transinet trailer was crossed through the spot where I had to park and it was solid for some reason so I could not make my delivery. Even tried to push the thing but it wouldn't budge an inch. I had to change my delivery spot to the noob spot. >:( 


  11. 1ud1vy.jpg

    1. Kehox


      Fozzy ...


      you cant never moan more than a quebecois ( where i live ) we moan on everything , summer is cold, winter is cold, everything on everyone for everything and nothing ! :D 

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  12. 1ud1vy.jpg

    1. Kehox


      i know we are all over-exagg... but it was just a little moment of fun :P more than everything else... 

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  13. Anyone know how long the email feedback system used to take I want to compare the difference

  14. I'm thinking Calais and Duisburg might not be the best place to run red lights. :troll: 

    No judgement here I just thought it was funny.

    ( Audio muted due to music ) 





  15. Yeah! Won another game!


  16. Imagine if horns like this where in MP :lol:


  17. I've made this very big timelapse from H64. This is all of my footage, just over 26 hours total and 567GB, edited into a near 24 minute video:

    Each clip is sped up 6000%, meaning if I were to upload everything at normal speed, it'd be a 23 hour, 51 minute video. It didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped (sometimes it goes a bit too fast...) but it was more of an experiment rather than anything else in the end. Also it took 13 hours to render so yeah.


    I've  also uploaded a few highlights and funny bits at normal speed. This is the only time I had to F7:


    Spaghetti road with @Alex [ITA]:


    That leg had a very cool ending too:


    And @Killua // Ireland ^_^ accidentally getting permbanned:


    Middle 2 have copyright claims on them due to the music so I'll have to remove them again soon. And finally, sorry for this long status post... not :troll:

  18. tu me demande des preuve mai comment te les envoyer merci pour se qui essay de meder 


  19. so basically this new system


    you can only do 10 reports but you might do 10 reports over 2 game sessions but then you still usually have to wait like 2 weeks for them to be claimed so what happens in them 2 weeks



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