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  1. i think it could help you to know this : Lifting a trailer axle allows you to spread the weight among the trailer's wheels to optimize fuel consumption, limit tire wear, or adjust the trailer's maneuverability while turning or reversing. As there was no default hotkey or controller key assigned for this feature as of yet, and we do not want to break players' existing configs, please remember to set this function under any key in the Key & Buttons options.
  2. yeah now when i do F7+ enter the game now teleport me to the garage without buggin or the game stop working .. good job on the fix of the game and awesome job BY TMP staff thnx alot ..
  3. Kehox

    i cant play

    when i log in in ATSMP with the guide of I<3VODKA , when i go in external contract it say's : Connexion impossible with World Of Truck ... and when i click on : Connection .. it open a windows of synch : it say : the service is not compatible with the acutal game version . please check for new patch of the game is available .... so i cant take any external contract , quick job??? anyone have a solution ? edit : i can only do fret job on certain city.. :s
  4. happy birthday ::) have fun

  5. if they have added police pack ... i would stay on the server 24 on 24 during the test
  6. '' The server is planned to be opened only this weekend (10/02/2017 - 12/02/2017). '' temporary at this moment .....
  7. nah get banned with police stuff .. just try it .. sad but .. it a fun server to make race... :/
  8. we are not strictly enforcing our rules ''' is that mean police car for everyone ?? XD lol ... --- after a try ... get banned insta, kinda sad.. :/ and last question .. NCZ on the entire map, this means that you will have no collision ??? everywhere ????
  9. here a little list who can mayby help you ? ( didnt search for Spotify if they have it, but surely..) Avenge Sevenfold ? Anthrax Anti-Flag Bullet For My valentine Billy Squire Black Sabbath Blink 182 Cinderella Deep Purple Dio DragonForce Dropkick Murphys Fire It Up - Thousand Foot Krutch ( one of my favorite of my list ) Green Day Quiet Riot Iron Maiden ( see few one ) Ozzy Osbourne steppenwolf SUM 41 ( just bcoz i have all CD in .mp3 on ETS 2 ) Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Three Days Grace Van Halen ZZ Top
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