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  1. Alter rules for ATSMP - Horn Slots I would this due to the fact ATS is a different game from ETS2 it should have its own rules at least regarding SAVE EDIT. The rule under; §3.1 - Save editing rules: The following save edits are not permitted on trucks: Duplicate accessories (including addon hookups), or multiple accessories of the same type, except for bars mentioned above. Using an interior from one cabin in another, this does not include steering wheels Using interior accessories on the outside of a vehicle Using exterior accessories on the inside of a vehicle Placing beacons on any slot that beacons cannot be placed on by default ---------->Placing large horns on any slot that large horns cannot be placed on by default<---------- Use of trailer or car parts on a truck Adding any part to a vehicle which floats away from the vehicle, regardless of hitbox Any save edit which adds an invisible hitbox {{---------->Placing large horns on any slot that large horns cannot be placed on by default<----------}} example images: I believe seeing it is a different game to ETS2 the rules regarding slots should be altered. as in my picture above there is no real reason it should not be allowed. This has nothing to do with double slots. it does not add any hit box limits and seeing its in an area seen in real life. it should be allowed. i actually copied this idea from a heap of IRL trucks i see every day.
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