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  1. I get the whole trolling thing and speed limiters and such in ETS2. There are tens of thousands of daily players, although i still think its ridiculous because the map without DLC's takes like 3 hours to cross, and that's full throttle, only stopping for gas and no detours. What I don't get is why ATS has been limited. It is already pretty baren except in events and when once or twice a year a state is released. You might get 400 or 500 players, maybe 600 on an excellent day, spread out over thousands of miles and for the most part the max you'll get in a single area except maybe in Phoenix is 10 players. The trolls have basically abandoned ATS servers from what I have experienced, what with the few admins present in game aside from the couple who aid the traffic on that logging road, and a few spread out players who for the most part know how to drive defensively and offensively. Every now and then Ill run into a 10 year old driver not understanding a big rig doesn't turn like a Supercar, but that's the worse I've experienced. ATS is now basically for the hardcore and relaxed simulators. I feel I fall into the second category. I've often been in a city like L.A, and my load is up in Fresno. It takes like 20 minutes doing 60 without stopping to get up there, which is fine, except when there is literally no one around. Nothing to look at, especially in the middle of the virtual night. So sometimes I will speed, 90-100mph. Just so I can at best half the time. I'm sure you've heard how driving down a long road without any real obstacles or curves can put a driver to sleep. Well this has a similar effect, being limited in speed. It bores the player, especially the ones who are driving alone, and makes them uninterested to play on your servers. I am bringing up the issue of speed limiters because I am not as big in the Save Change area, although I do feel the restrictions added in that area are not entirely good either. You do what you have to do, but I recommend listening to players, who above me and I'm sure future comments below seem to have similar sentiments. Your developers do good work, but I hope you and they listen to the community. There is a way to promote realism without completely alienating and boring a good majority of your base. Have a good evening.
  2. im certain of it. ive checked like 30 times. im even looking at it now
  3. My american truck simulator is completely updated on steam, i have all the steam updates, truckersmp is updated, deleted and redownloaded as of 30 minutes before this post. ive gone through all the beta versions twice, and still i get the same message. im trying to get onto american truck simulator, not ets2. the message says you have version expected version then the launcher says not responding and crashes. Also, american truck simulator is redownloaded
  4. Yeah, wonderful. I don't know if its just me or not, but when I open the launcher, I get the install updates thing, and all it says is system, but it keeps making me install it, even after I already have. Ive tried everything.
  5. Ok thank you, if this works it will be a huge help
  6. I am just wondering, is it possible to change my truckersmp profile name, so that my ign changes as well? Steam name changes dont seam to work anymore.
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