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  1. Launcher doesnt ''launch''

    thanks for the answers but still it doesnt work i did everything one by one but nope. I just dont get it it doesnt do anything when i doubleclick on truckersMP app.
  2. Launcher doesnt ''launch''

    Recently i wanted to start playing again after a year. I did everything correctly choosing the direction etc etc however whenever i click on launcher it just dont show or do anything. No reaction at all and without seeing any error i have no clue how to solve this problem. I've been trying to fix this like a month now, tried almost everything but still didnt manage to find the solution. Help me about this please.
  3. I didnt say unban me i said how is that possible swearing 5 days but going through pitch and hitting a truck which was in traffic 4 days? 

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    2. Bonnm
    3. Feayture


      i am not complaining about my ban .. anyway keep your great work on..

    4. Bonnm


      Next Time follow the Rules and nothing will happen. ;)