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  1. Thank you very much! I thought it had something to do with time but wasn't sure. Question can be closed.
  2. I just logged in on my TruckerMP account and noticed that my punishment from last year has a yellow dot beside it. I am however pretty sure that this was still green in February/March or am I going completely crazy? Tried looking on the website for some information and did a search on the forums but had no luck, this is why I am opening this question thread, may be someone from the officials can explain the colored dots. Thanks in advance.
  3. @theHarven it was worth a try but as @mwl4 said, crashes should be fixed now and you confirmed it as well. Have fun
  4. @theHarven if you're on Steam, please try the following: Open up your Steam library, right click on ATS or ETS and select Properties - Within the Properties, change to the local files tab and click on the button called "Verify integrity of game files" Maybe some files are corrupt and may have to be redownloaded. @Fr guillaumelego try entering your password on the email text field in the game, just to make sure, your keyboard language does not change for any reason, as soon as you start an application. If the spelling of your password is ok, put your email back in the co
  5. Hi ??????(UA), do you have any mods installed? If so, please try deactivating these mods one by one and try again. It could also be, that there is some starting parameter set within steam itself. You can check this by opening your steam library, right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and choose "Properties" - In your properties, you should have a button called "Set Launch Options" on your General tab. Click on that and see if there is anything in there and remove it. Greets HigH_HawK
  6. Like the revamp of the Launcher! Just one suggestion, would it be possible to make the launcher movable? If it's been programmed in VB or C, I'm more than happy to provide a code snipped which allows to click anywhere in the launcher and move it wherever the user wants it.
  7. I had the same issue and did a downgrade but thanks to the downgrade I may not do any external contracts as there is no connection to World of Trucks as the old version is not supported anymore. Please could the devs of the MP update/upgrade their core/servers?
  8. I like the new idea of having a server without them pesky little cars. It allows the serious trucks drivers, to drive their trucks and deliver their cargo without any of them trolls hitting you while they're overtaking you. Most of the time I encountered these on motorways, overtaking me and noticing that they're going to shoot past their exit and ramming me, just to get to their exit. I'm sure they do it in real life as well *sarcasm* Most of them car drivers I came across, didn't know how to handle the car, because shooting around sharp corners with over 60mph on the speedometer
  9. I like the idea as I encountered quite a few of these. 1. It just looks silly and is far from realism (cars cannot pull 20T to 60T trailers as they will never have enough torque) 2. The driver in such a car is unable to judge his real length with the trailer attached and causes accidents after overtaking someone and getting back on the other lane
  10. Depending on how the admin who is dealing with the report feels Everybody has a bad day every now and then, so I don't want to ascribe anything but it could happen, that the admin declines the report because the reportee is already banned and gives negative feedback because the reportee was already banned Just saying but apart from that, anything that helps the admins and makes their life easier, I'm happy with.
  11. Would be nice to know your computer specification e.g.: CPU, Memory, Graphicscard, etc. as this gives us an idea of how to help you. It could be a driver issue but it could also be a faulty memory or other hardware. In addition to the above, it would be nice to know what version of ETS2 are you using, retail or steam edition? Do you have any mods installed?
  12. Unfortuantely this may be very true, that trolls might stay away from this server as there is no fun for them anymore, if they can't damage others lorry, trailer or car with their childish behaviour I quite like long distance hauling, especially during night time as it's getting quite dark and quiet. It's just a nice feeling, when you turn on your lights and you have nothing in front or behind you. This is until you see headlights in your mirrors and always think; Is this one of them, is he/she going to annoy you by crashing into you on purpose, or is he/she just overtaking you and
  13. Sitting at work, having some lunch and thinking of being in my lorry driving about delivering goods...

  14. @[S.PLH]Warrior Thanks buddy! I could've thought of that but I didn't. Problem solved
  15. Hi community, I was on my way from Rotterdam to Dortmund, which means I had to pass the well known Calais - Duisburg route. As usual it was packed with people, so it really was a long long stop and go situation. It would have been nice if there was a gas station as I used up all my coffee during this adventure. Now to my question: After a while the traffic cleared up a little and we could move on a little faster (had about 250 to 300 meters between me and the guy in front of me) where suddenly a car out of nowhere ran straight through me (I couldn't even see him in my m
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