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My name is Shady (Yes, that's my ACTUAL name :)) I have a YouTube channel called Zovonic which is carrying over 2,000 subscribers but I'm also a 15 year old who enjoys simulation games. My interests as listed above are related to automotive technology and also sports. Currently, I'm a Sophomore in high school who is in the process of getting their drivers license and getting their first car. I've had experience in communities like DOJ for GTA 5 roleplay. DOJ is the biggest GTA 5 / FiveM roleplay community and I took place as an FTA (Field Training Assistant) which enables me to process applications, do interviews, give constructive ride-alongs, and assist with training. I can say that I'm mature when I need to but I sure love to have some fun while I'm at it. I don't find seriousness always necessary, sometimes you just got to live a little.

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